PMBOK 5 Schema


Updated version of “Project Management Processes”  schema to match with the latest version PMBOK Guide. Download pdf or source (Visio).

French version by Najib Bouchouk: pdf or source (Visio).

Portable Kanban 3.0


New version of Portable Kanban with a lot of new features. More details…

Making Wiring Diagrams In Visio

A lot of professionals rely on AutoCAD or other CAD-based tools for broadcast facility design. Visio is typically used for making concept and workflow drawings, sometimes also for network and rack diagrams. But can we use less expensive tool for more design tasks? Despite scepticism I think that Visio has good chances. It’s very flexible software, it can be used as a replacement of other CAD systems in some cases (not all, of course), but require some kind of tweaking.


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Which H.264 codec is the best?

Moscow State University & Media Lab have published test results of main MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codecs. There is no surprise: open-source x264 is still the best one:

It makes almost twice more compact files than Intel QuickSync and almost 3 times smaller files than MainConcept CUDA-accelerated codec still with the same quality. So faster encoding doesn’t mean better quality. Also note that ‘open-source’ doesn’t mean free for commercial use.

FYI x264 codec is used by YouTube, Hulu, Sorenson, Telestream and other online encoding services. It’s free for personal use, there also a lot of optional GUI applications for x264 encoding with some optional functions, e.g. MeGUI or Avanti.

MainConcept and QuickSync codecs are widely used in desktop encoding software from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft and others.

UPDATE: The report is updated and now includes results for GPU accelerated codecs:
“So best of hardware encoders Intel QuickSync and best of software encoders x264 are comparable by speed/quality at very high speed encoding.”

Boost Your Productivity With …

… a set of simple tools. Episodically, when there is too much mess around, I read something about GTD, productivity etc. Recently I found this article by Paul Klipp: “Personal Productivity”. It’s not a new article, spiced up with marketing stuff, but anyway has really some useful things inside. I decided to adapt these advices for myself. So, what are main ingredients of energy drink?

Ingredient #1: Mind map of all the ideas/things to do, with several branches like: Work, Home etc. I see no point using online tools for making mind maps cause I’ve got Microsoft Visio: it has specific template for brainstorming, so I just tweaked it. My mind map looks like that:


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Livecasting On The Go – II

I’m too lazy to update this post, so I’d just like to point attention to some new products shown at NAB. There are some interesting updated models and newcomers with small size devices:

Livestream Broadcaster is coming:

Built-in 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI input, H.264/AAC encoding up to 720p 2.3Mbps – not bad. A good example how CDN can extend their services and allow users to make live webcasts with simple to use devices. Read More…


Major update of PNG2VSS:

  • Rebuilt with .NET 4.0
  • Support for Photoshop images (with some limitations)
  • 4.1: “Lock Aspect Ratio” option


Synchronized Second Screen Technologies

A very detailed review by Nicolas Weil. Read it here.

Project Management using PMBOK®

I’m busy learning PMBOK. I’ve done the schema of project management processes based on PMBOK Guide and would like to share it. It can be useful for remembering all the processes, groups and knowledge areas.

Download it as PDF (A0 size):  English Version or Russian Version

Print it, hang it on the wall in your office and meditate…

UPDATE: Source files (MS Visio), feel free to change.

UPDATE #2: There is also new version (PMBOK 5).


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