Portable Kanban

What is Kanban? Is it possible to use it for personal task management? If you already know answers than you have an idea how kanban board looks typically:

While there is nothing wrong with physical boards it’s very convenient to have an electronic version. I spent days trying to find some suitable software and finally … developed it (seriously, it just took less time!). And if you’re looking for some simple application that could replace physical board then search is over. Now your board can look like that:


Much better! What are pros & cons of electronic board:

  • It’s dead simple.
  • It always can be with you in your laptop: just copy files to some folder.
  • It works in offline mode, no internet connections ever required.
  • It looks nice.
  • It’s even cheaper than whiteboard and sticky papers because it’s completely free.
  • It’s both personal and shared board in the single package.


  • Not for large distributed groups, but it’s Ok for small-to-medium ones. Look also for online alternatives.
  • No more cons found.

How to start:

  • Download application (link is below). It has no installer, just unzip it to some folder, e.g. “…My Documents\My Kanban”.
  • Start it. It requires NET 4.0 installed, if you don’t have it yet you can download it here. The application creates data file automatically.
  • Click everywhere, try to drag & drop cards. See About/Shortcuts first, then click Setup to configure your own board the way you want. Edit columns, topics, persons etc. Please, read notes on every setup page.
  • Use the built-in timer (aka ‘pomodoro timer’) to track your time. Easter egg: point mouse to the timer to see statistics.
  • One more thing: drag & drop any file to app window to create a new task with attached file.
  • Need more than one board? Copy app to different folders to use 2 or more boards, e.g. “Office”, “Home” etc.
  • Application is fully portable: keep it on flash drive or shared/cloud storage (OneDrive, Dropbox etc).
  • You can also create a common board and share information with your colleagues in office or worldwide. This option requires free Redis database server.

Share your ideas for improving the application. It’s going to be updated regularly, so subscribe to this page comments. Current version is 3.8.5528.40910.
If you’re interested in developing your own plugin use this project as a starting sample.

Thank you for reading/scrolling down. Now you can download it.

See also a very basic introduction to Portable Kanban:

More about personal kanban:

and/or like it @ AlternativeTo

630 thoughts on “Portable Kanban

  1. superb piece of software i use it for massive to do lists and as a personal information storage..
    1: multiple “tasks” selection for drag n drop (via ctrl, shift..)
    2: drag n drop “tasks” between “views”..
    3: simplified import list of multiple tasks via text list (separated by carriage return or comma..)
    4: double click a task to launch associated link or file..
    5: auto backup would be nice (using a 3rd party tool..)

    request number 3 is the most important imo, currently i import my tasks lists by automatically creating bulk dummy .txt files using “du**y f*le creat*r” and “notepad++”, then i drag the generated files into “portable kanban”.. which a bit tedious..

    thx for this unique tool (y)

    1. agree, great piece of software. would like to confirm multiple card selection as a positive addition, especially when having to delete the sample database that came with it.
      just getting into it and it seems very slick and professional.

  2. Great tool.
    Suggestions :
    1. New field for task description / comment
    2. Notification for deadline (red border or something similar)

    1. #1: Still considering, may appear in the next version
      #2: It’s already there: ‘Setup/Options/Tasks/Warm,Hot task threshold, text/background/frame color’ & ‘Frame warm/hot tasks’.

  3. Awesome! portable, light weight, easily configurable. Running v 3.8.5528.40910 on windows 8.1. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  4. Hi Dmitry!

    Your tool looks very promisisng, but it doesn’t run with current version of .NET (which is 4.5) with message that it requires 4.0.30319. And it’s impossible to downgrage current .NET installation.
    OS: Win7 32 bit.

    May be you ought to know, sorry if this is my local problem only.

      1. Yes, thank you very much! It looks like it was a local problem with .NET installation.

        Thanks for the great tool!

  5. Hi, thanks for this tools. I was looking for such simple project management tool for a while.

    Right now, I’m using your tool to manage 1 project (4 persons) with redis. Everything work perfect except we miss one small thing – comment to the task.
    Now, we discuss tasks via the description which is not the best choice. It would be more useful to add one additional field, regular text like comment.
    I think such filed would be very useful for short discussions/explenations or to leave comment what has been done and how in the task. e.g. I implemented some feature and I can write there new functions/methods description.

    Thanks in advance for support.

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