Portable Kanban

What is Kanban? Is it possible to use it for personal task management? If you already know answers than you have an idea how kanban board looks typically:

While there is nothing wrong with physical boards it’s very convenient to have an electronic version. I spent days trying to find some suitable software and finally … developed it (seriously, it just took less time!). And if you’re looking for some simple application that could replace physical board then search is over. Now your board can look like that:


Much better! What are pros & cons of electronic board:

  • It’s dead simple.
  • It always can be with you in your laptop: just copy files to some folder.
  • It works in offline mode, no internet connections ever required.
  • It looks nice.
  • It’s even cheaper than whiteboard and sticky papers because it’s completely free.
  • It’s both personal and shared board in the single package.


  • Not for large distributed groups, but it’s Ok for small-to-medium ones. Look also for online alternatives.
  • No more cons found.

How to start:

  • Download application (link is below). It has no installer, just unzip it to some folder, e.g. “…My Documents\My Kanban”.
  • Start it. It requires NET 4.0 installed, if you don’t have it yet you can download it here. The application creates data file automatically.
  • Click everywhere, try to drag & drop cards. See About/Shortcuts first, then click Setup to configure your own board the way you want. Edit columns, topics, persons etc. Please, read notes on every setup page.
  • Use the built-in timer (aka ‘pomodoro timer’) to track your time. Easter egg: point mouse to the timer to see statistics.
  • One more thing: drag & drop any file to app window to create a new task with attached file.
  • Need more than one board? Copy app to different folders to use 2 or more boards, e.g. “Office”, “Home” etc.
  • Application is fully portable: keep it on flash drive or shared/cloud storage (OneDrive, Dropbox etc).
  • You can also create a common board and share information with your colleagues in office or worldwide. This option requires free Redis database server.

Share your ideas for improving the application. It’s going to be updated regularly, so subscribe to this page comments. Current version is 3.8.5528.40910.
If you’re interested in developing your own plugin use this project as a starting sample.

Thank you for reading/scrolling down. Now you can download it.

See also a very basic introduction to Portable Kanban:

More about personal kanban:

and/or like it @ AlternativeTo

611 thoughts on “Portable Kanban

  1. What about extending the tracking of a ticket? It might be helpful to keep the information who created or finished a ticket. I think so far there is no user information linked to this.

  2. Great app!
    But in my case the drag and drop function does not work. Is there somewhere a stupid configuration flag that prohibits drag and drop a file/mail to crate a task?

  3. Very impressive app! I’ve tried stuff like this in the past, but I never stick with it. If I continue to use it, I’ll certainly contribute. In the meantime, I’m subscribing to be notified of updates. Thanks.

  4. Dear Dmitry,

    i think i found a little bug in your portable kanban. If it try to define the borads backgroundcolor using an own color (for me this was ‘A=255, R=43, G=60, B=89′) which works really fine.

    But upon the next start of portablekanban i get an error telling me “control does not support transparent background colors” asking me to terminate the application. If i ignore the error and continue starting, the window comes up with a gray background containing empty rectangles and a timer showing 00:00. Using these rectangles i can access the config-dialog to switch background to a default-color lets say “Black”. After closing the dialog everything works fine again – but having a black background. ;-)

    Hope this description may help to improve/correct this great tool!

    Best regards

  5. Thanks for a great utility. There are a fair number of us in my company using this now, and everybody who sees it asks, ‘What’s that? I really need that!”.

    A couple of enhancements to consider for your backlog:

    1) Can the “Priority” be expanded, or possibly have settings given by the user? Being able to set teh default priority for new tasks would also be really useful;.

    2) Can a default _time_ be set when setting a deadline for a task? Generally I want these to be the end of my work day (5pm), and it can be a bit of a pain to have select this everytime.

    3) As an extension to 2), when I create a new task a particular column, would it be possible to set the default date? For example when I create a new task in the ‘Today’ column, the Deadline date would be set to today’s date (and the time to 5pm). Likewise, when I create a new task, and set it into the ‘Next week’ column, it would set the Deadline date to be Friday of next week etc. Perhaps this would be possible with a plugin? I haven’t explored it too much, but maybe you can point me in the right direction?

  6. This is great, using it to track all my personal projects and playing with the SDK. Any chance the IKanbanPlugin interface can be extended to add in the ability to run on startup as a property and on application load run the plugin if set to true? I would like to have some things running in the background when I have it open and I am ok with manually starting them but a auto start would be good. Also would it be possible to persist the Settings Dictionary to the application setting store so plugin settings can be exposed without a spate UI?

    In the future having a message bus with notification of changes to the system would be good so plugins could subscribe if needed.

  7. I just want to leave a huge THANKS!
    I could not find a kanban-board-tool which meets my demands and I was on the verve to develop my own one. But then i stumbled upon your page, and there it was. Exactly what i need! Simple, offline, portable, easy to use and overall nicelooking.
    Thanks for this great tool!

  8. Hi, can someone explain how to use, in the edit task, the box labeled “Points”? How will you use? What purpose?
    thank you

  9. Thanks for your nice software.
    I have a question. Why is there a limitation of 3 chars for person initials? Usually we use 4 letters to make unique alias for person in organization (even with 4 letters we got one incident to have dublicates). Is there a possibility to extend initials at least to 4 characters long?

  10. Version 3.8:

    1) Improved reporting: include time tracking records, no more problems with text containing html tags.
    2) Something like SDK: a project with all the plugins included by default.
    3) Some other improvements.

    1. So here’s an odd bug we have:
      Using the exit graphic button on the interface or clicking on the red “X” on the window does not close the program.

      The report generation with time punches works great! All pertinent data is available and easy to read/find. The program seems to run a little faster too, which is always nice.

          1. The close program issues is fixed, thank you!

            Did notice with use PK tends to get stuck in a refresh loop for about 30-90 seconds randomly. The program is non-responsive when this happens (can’t close or minimize).

            Sidenote: This also happens on rare occasions with some other programs we use. Could be a multiple monitor issue with our workstations, graphics driver problem, or conflict with other software that is running at the time. I’ll test it to see if there is an event or trigger that would point to a potential issue with PK alone. Otherwise, probably not worth your time to chase down.

            Thanks again for everything, Dmitry!

          2. The more systems we put on the network using PK 3.8.5523.36013 attached to our Redis Database, the more frequently the refresh-loop error occurs. Never happened with 1 PK client, became more frequent when we got up to 6 PK clients running at once.

            It almost seems like when any individual PK client makes a change to the database, all clients are immediately updated/synched (refreshed). When one client refreshes or updates their board, the database changes and starts the cascade of refresh loops across the network.

            The update interval was initially set to 1min, then 5mins, then turned off. Didn’t seem to make much difference and the refresh loops occur every 3-10mins without rhyme or reason we can find.

            Let me know if you need any further information or can even reproduce what we’re experiencing.

            1. Automatic update is one of the new features. It’s on by default, but you can switch it off now: Setup/Options/Data/Automatic Update – I’ve just added this option. Then set Update Interval to 1, 5 or more minutes (or 0 to update manually). After this change there will be no any refresh when users change tasks, including updating time tracking records.

  11. First of all thank you very much, a good tool.
    I’d like to save data in a relational DB( ie SQL server or postgres), is it possible to create a “custom dao” plugin?


  12. I’d like to have a view which shows all tasks – except those for which a specific tag is NOT set. I think it cannot. Or am I missing something?
    Would it be helpful if one could adjust the tags filter that a) tags should be set, b) tag should not be set, c) doesn’t matter?

  13. Hi Dmitry,

    Can’t praise Portable Kanban enough, it’s been a HUGE improvement in overall productivity for our office. Again, thank you for creating and offering PK!

    We have accumulated over 2500 “tasks” on our current Kanban board. Each “task” is actually a case delegated to different people in our office, when complete the case is placed in an “archive” column for reference and record keeping. Due to the overall number of tasks on our Kanban Board and in the Redis Database, we’re having performance issues. For the sake of performance and record keeping, is there a way to export or save the database in annual increments that would allow us to open or search the archived database for time logged on a task or case-specific information that may be recorded in the task? We’re hoping to save 2014’s business off as one backup file, clear the board for 2015, then rinse and repeat in following years.

    Thank you!

    1. There are a couple of options:
      1) The simple case. Create a report containing only “Archive” column and save it to a file. Then clear “Archive” column (Setup/Columns, check off “Clear Content” in “Archive” column). Set the report file as read-only. The problem is that there will be no time-tracking information, but I could add this option for reports, the same way as it done for subtasks.
      2) More complex case: backup all the tasks, then setup another instance of PK3 that will work with database #1 (not default #0), then remove everything except “Archive” column. This PK instance will be used only as an “archive viewer”.
      Option #1 seems simpler, so I just can add this option to the next version that is coming pretty soon.

      1. Option 1 seems to be the more simple route, at least for users, and easier for record keeping. We’ll wait on the next build. :)

        Thanks again, Dmitry!

  14. Creating a XLS report with version 3.7.5456.390 I see some layout problem:
    My first PK (PortableKanban) column (‘Backlog’) has entries which start with regular Excel layout, e.g. ‘#’ is shown in Excel column “A”, ‘Task’ is in Excel column “B” and so on.
    However PK item 7 of ‘Backlog’ has a ‘#’ cell which spans from it’s Excel row 10 down to the end, so item 8 and all items from the following PK columns are indented by one and start in Excel column “B”.
    The Task text is quite long (copy&paste from somewhere) and contains links, all kinds of brackets, paths with forward and backward slashes, maybe even invisible characters. Unfortunately I may not post that text here.

    Is there some quoting/escape mechanism missing for this XLS report?

  15. Just wanted to thank you for an awsome program! Works flawlessly, looks gorgeous, and costs nothing – can’t compete with that :)

    Donation incoming, well worth it and I encourage others to do the same.

  16. I like the tool, but I’m having trouble with Redis, since I’m behind a proxy at work. Are you sure you will not reconsider using dropbox/box.net/gdrive for sync?

    I think all you’d need to do is touch up the way the db file is handled, so it is not updated unless necessary, and create a listener to see if the file has been changed remotely. But for now, I’m stuck. :(

  17. Hi Dimitri
    We are using a lot your system but when i create on task I need on Id to put it in my comments when this tasks is finished You know one way to do this ?

    1. Dmitry, i love this tool its awesome, a couple of questions, is it possible to have automatic backup using a redis server and also is it possible for on-going weekly tasks to reset, we have topics done (green) ,not done (Red) and in progress (Orange) and weekly we would like it to reset back to not done (Red) on monday of the week.

  18. Hi Dmitry,
    thanks for very, very good software. I installed it yesterday, and am very happy with it. Only one question: Is it possible, to run newest PortableKanBan.exe from a network share ? Actually, I get error code : Failed to save data to file “(\\servername\share\)M:\kanban\portablekanban.kp3. I have the version I tested it with older version from a friend, this worked.

  19. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this software.

    But it seems impossible to save modified configuration.
    Modifications disappear when I exit.

    Anyone esle has this problem ? And a solution ?
    Is it a known bug.

      1. Thanks for this quick answer.
        But it seems ok on my computer.
        I find that in the registry :
        InstallPath : C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\
        TargetVersion : 4.0.0
        Version : 4.0.30319

        Another idea ?

  20. Hi Dmitry:
    I downloaded the Kanban, but I could not extract the file. I am using OS X Yosemite (iMac).

    Thanks for your help.

  21. This is a great tool, thanks! Two requests:
    * An option to assign a task to multiple persons.
    * A context menu (right click) to easily change attributes like priority and assignment (to assist in managing a team with lots of tasks)

  22. Hi Dmitry,

    thats is a great tool :-)

    I have a simple problem (I hope so) with the write the config-file.

    When I click the OK Button in the config dialog (first tab), then will write PortableKanban the config-File.
    I can see, that the Config-File has a filesize of 3 Byte – on my other client i have a config file with 3,5kB.

    When I close the application and then restart then shows the dialog with “selection the datasource” (local file or redis server).
    I must filled in the connection data to my redis-server every time.

    I use on both clients Windows 7.

    What can I do?

    Best regards

  23. For me, adding a task does not work. I have tried the insert key and the + icon, it will not create a new task. Other parts of the progam work, but not the most important…

      1. I made a view which I think should display everything but it doesn’t work? I am new to Kanban, but it seems something is oddly wrong here.

        1. If you want to create a view that displays anything you should create one with the following parameters:
          All columns selected
          Any topic + Any person + Any tag checked
          Priority: Low to High
          Deadline: Any.
          Or just delete all the views to see all the tasks within the only common view.

  24. Thanks, Dmitry. It worked. Untagged tick resolved the view problem. Now it is working as designed.

    I have another question please; Can I have a horizontal story lines at any view?

  25. Version 3.7:

    1) Improved performance when using Redis;
    2) Quick task bar plugin;
    3) Now finally works well with Thunderbird;
    4) Comments to time tracking records;
    4) Some other minor improvements.

    1. This my first week with Portable Kanban. I believe it is great. Thanks, Dmitry for making this available. I created when some cards and made the right filters appear on the right view. Now I have a problem making new cards with different filters to appear on under new view. They appear under ALL but not under the correct View. I changed the filter and worked for the first view but not working/appearing under new view. What ‘m I doing wrong?

      1. Maybe you use too restrictive combination for filters? Try to check off ‘Any topic/person/tag’ for the beginning. Note that if these flags are not checked only selected topics, person and tags will be included into the view, but not new ones. For example, if you add one more topic it won’t be included into the view automatically,

  26. Hello Dmitry,

    first of all, thank you for that simple and comfortable tool! Great Job!

    While working with that tool, originated the request for automatic start or stop time tracking, when putting an item to a column.

    I’m thinking of 2 more column options, like “Auto comlpete” and “reset complete” for the time tracking issues.

    Is that possible. For my workflow it would be great relief, not to start every task separately.

    Thank you!

  27. - Translation in multiple language (French for example :D, I can help)
    – Time unit in days instead of hours (in settings)
    – Needed time in sub tasks to define different jalons in the task

      1. Another suggestion.

        Different task background colors in function of Views color.

        For example :
        In my case I have one view for each person of my team.
        When I click on All to see all tasks, they have all the same color. Different color may be easier to view which task is assigned to this guy.

        1. There is also an exception when we want to generate a report and if the file is already opened.

          Unhandled exception has occured in your application…
          The process cannot access the file … because it is being used by another process.

          It may be possible to show an error message instead of java exception.

  28. Hi,

    When I try to run PortableKanban a logon window pops prompting for a User Name and Password. Why, please, is this happening? (I have Windows 8.1)


  29. Hi Dmitry,

    great tool! Thank you for building it.

    1 question: Can you /create enable scrolling? Especially on smaller screens (laptop) the ticket list easily exceed the height of the window.


  30. Thanks for this amazing app, just started to take the tour after installing a redis and this seems to be just what I wanted!
    great work!

  31. Idea for new feature:
    If you process defines that tasks have to go step-by-step from to column than a task may not skip a column. So it cannot make progress if the following column is full (work in progress limit reached).
    Portable Kanban might enforce this behaviour.

  32. Great stuff Dmitry! Extremely useful as I was after something that I could use offline

    * Free
    * Feature Rich
    * Standalone (usable-offline)
    * Portable (only if it were cross-platform kind of portable)

    Thank you very much for this!

  33. Hi, Dmitry,

    It would be nice to add info/comment field to time tracking entries. Sometimes it’s good to know what exactly I was doing that day for this particular task.

  34. Thank you very much for this excellent program. Very powerful and easy to use!
    To make it even better I have these suggestions:
    i) Task-edit-window: store the splitter position in addition to the orientation in config-file
    ii) allow to select multiple tasks and change their properties r (“batch edit”)
    iii) mark the currently selected view and column in the same way as the active task (e.g. by a colored border)

      1. Hi,

        Dmitry, I really like your work with Portable Kankan, unfortunately, I don’t found the way to use the program in OS X Mac.
        There are any way to do?


  35. Hi ya,

    Great tool and is saving my bacon. Any chance of a I pad app and if there is a way of linking sub-task cards to a master card for time keeping ??

  36. 3 feature requests for this indispensable tool:
    – it would be superb, if i can place the task Info (under the dotted line) at the top of the task
    – with timer running, the spent time should be continuously updated in the task Info (now it is only updated after stopping)
    – instead of bullets (marks) for the priority of tasks, i would prefer colored markers, may be as small square (with H, M , L inside) in the upper right corner. The bullets make the overall layout so restless.

  37. I’m having trouble getting the email to work. I have outlook set up as my default email, but when it should send an email, I get an error. MAPISendMail failed! General MAPI failure [2]. I have tried to send email as both Administrator and as user but get the same error. I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.

    I also love this product. You’ve done a fabulous job!

  38. I´m would suggest to improve the search function.

    I want to search a string and then only relevant tasks should be displayed in current view.

  39. Great tool.

    Is the source code available I would like to create a plugin to integrate with TFS.

    Currently we print out Kanban cards from TSF for bugs using a Visual Studio plugin.

    I am experimenting with Portable KanBan using the Redis backend, I would like to be able to export the the selected bug(s) directly to Portable KanBan.

    I could probably make a tool to put them directly into the Redis backend but it seems to me it woud be better to integrate it properly with Portable KanBan as
    a plugin or feature for future compatibility.

    1. Sorry for delay – I don’t have plans to publish source code. But it’s possible to write plugin for PK or maybe even for TFS using PK classes. It’s also possible to use Redis directly, data structures are quite simple, but I wouldn’t recommend it cause it may break logic implemented within PK. I’ll make a sample and send you a link.

  40. Hi! Nice KanbanTool Dimitry! I, have a suggestion for server usage (don’t know if this is already possible): it should be possible to link a person to a user and have customizable views (for example my_tasks, which shows the tasks assigned to the logged user).

  41. First thanks Dmitry for this awesome work.
    My plea is could you also encrypt the task, because when you carry your canban in usb for ex. someone can see your task from .pk3 file.

    1. Since using 3.6.5365.42316 PortableKanban fails to start often. When starting from commandline the command quits within a second but no application window shows up :-(
      I cannot reproduce, but fails 1 out of 3 times at least. Sometime later, with or without reboot it starts to work…

      1. Meanwhile I can reproduce always. System is Windows 7, all Fixpacks etc. applied. It’s quite annyoing.
        Any idea what might be wrong here?

        1. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce, OS is W7 with all the latest updates too. If there are no any error message appears it’s quite complicated to understand why it’s happen.

          1. Ok, new information: it fails to start because there is an old instance hanging! Other colleagues confirm this behaviour so it doesn’t seem to be a very rare phenomenon.
            It happens when pressing the applications exit button, attaching VS shows the following callstack (which remains the same even after the app was running again for several seconds):

            > NtWaitForMultipleObjects() Unbekannt
            WaitForMultipleObjectsEx() Unbekannt
            WaitForMultipleObjectsExImplementation() Unbekannt
            RealMsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx() Unbekannt
            MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx() Unbekannt
            CCliModalLoop::BlockFn(void * * 0x000000000014eec4, unsigned long 2147549461, unsigned long * 0x0000000000000004) Zeile 1222 C++
            CoWaitForMultipleHandles(unsigned long 1372112, unsigned long 10278704, unsigned long 0, void * * 0x000007fef8999e7e, unsigned long * 0x000000000014eec4) Zeile 109 C++
            MsgWaitHelper(int,void * *,int,unsigned long,int) Unbekannt
            Thread::DoAppropriateAptStateWait(int,void * *,int,unsigned long,enum WaitMode) Unbekannt
            Thread::DoAppropriateWaitWorker(int,void * *,int,unsigned long,enum WaitMode) Unbekannt
            Thread::DoAppropriateWait(int,void * *,int,unsigned long,enum WaitMode,struct PendingSync *) Unbekannt
            CLREventBase::WaitEx(unsigned long,enum WaitMode,struct PendingSync *) Unbekannt
            CLREventWaitWithTry(class CLREventBase *,unsigned long,int,unsigned long *) Unbekannt
            string “d:\\iso_whid\\amd64fre\\base\\ntos\\r”…() Unbekannt
            SVR::GCHeap::WaitUntilGCComplete(int) Unbekannt
            Assembly::ExecuteMainMethod(class PtrArray * *) Unbekannt
            SystemDomain::ExecuteMainMethod(struct HINSTANCE__ *,unsigned short *) Unbekannt
            ExecuteEXE(struct HINSTANCE__ *) Unbekannt
            _CorExeMainInternal() Unbekannt
            _CorExeMain() Unbekannt
            _CorExeMain() Unbekannt
            _CorExeMain_Exported() Unbekannt
            BaseThreadInitThunk() Unbekannt
            RtlUserThreadStart() Unbekannt

  42. Hi There, first off great product…next question, is it possible that tasks change colour on schedule, when i’ve completed a daily task i then change it green, it stays green until midnight then goes back to red ready for the following day.

  43. Hi!

    How can I set a color based on priority level?

    Low = Green
    Medium = Yellow
    High = Red

    Can I set an column color too?

    To Do = Red
    Doing = Yellow
    Done = Green


  44. Freaking Awesome

    i didn’t expect this tool can be this much flexible..

    Awesome Job… if i was a developer i would have surly asked you for source code or have joined with you for development..

    When ill start Earning.. I will Surly Dante Some $$ to you for sure…

    And Please Don’t Steal My nick Name… :p

    Thank you Appreciate Your Hard work

  45. Is it possible to install redis database for PK on a shared webserver and have the client point to the database?

  46. Suggestion: Filters
    I don’t have much use for the reports, but for me it is important to be able to filter the items displayed. For example:
    – Display only the items assigned to X and Y
    – … only items with tagX or tag Y
    – …only items with priority > X
    There is no use of having so many fields and features if you can’t filter them.
    Great tool, just missing a critical feature for it to be useful for me.

      1. Thank you, but I don’t think that is dynamic enough. That is more like a preference setting, but not a feature for regular work with the tool. On a project work context, one has to apply all sorts of filters all the time.
        Maybe you could add a “Edit current view” icon in the toolbar?

        1. A “Clear all filters” button in the Edit View window would be convenient too. If one has applied several criteria to one view, then has to disable one by one to go back to see all the kanban cards. The ” Clear all filters” would be a quick way to go back to show all.

  47. Thank you for this creation, Dmitry. I have looked around multiple times for something that fits my needs and looks clean, as well as pleasing to the eye. Time and time again on each computer I use, I just end up coming back to your site. This really is the best. I appreciate that you have made this free…thank you so much for your time and effort. But I do have to say, even if you charged, I would pay…it’s that nice.

  48. Hi Yuri – having installed the Portable Kanban v 3.5.5239.38825 and poked around the sample data, I see immediately what a great product this is – thank you.
    That said, I’ve cleared all the demo data and set up my boards – I’ve now entered 2 tasks, but they do not show on the board, but they do show up on the report – there is nothing on the reprot that indicates why they are not on the board at all – and I am looking on the ‘ALL’ board.
    I’m using a local install, so am happy to share any config files etc., just email and I’ll send what you need.

      1. Wow – I had just come back to say “I’ve worked out that the topics are missing from the views”… and there you are with the same advice!
        Thanks Dmitry (sorry – Yuri is the name of my colleague I was talking to when I wrote the initial message – my apologies!!)

  49. Hi Dmitri,
    Very nice program, indeed! Congrats and many thanks for your outstanding work!
    I would like you to take into consideration one of the very useful features: it would be nice to make it possible to drag also email messages and calendar items from Thunderbird to the PK board, not only from Outlook.
    I’m using the latest Thunderbird version with Lightning add-on, much more useful than Outlook, and I don’t want to return to Outlook. :D
    Do you think you can implement this little tweak to PK in the very next update?
    Thank you so much for this!

    1. Have you tried to drop a message from Thunderbird? I can’t make a test at this moment, so wonder what happens? Currently it works with Outlook and TheBat.

      1. Yes Dmitri, I tried so many times, and nothing happened. I guess PK doesn’t understand (yet!) the file format and extension for Thunderbird items. There can’t be so much difference between them and Outlook corresponding items. It would be so nice if we could have this situation solved, I think it will not consume too much time for you for this little improvement!

  50. Hi, great stuff!
    It would be really useful to have some way to easily apply the tags, the topics, the assigned person, … for instance a collapsible side area with the list of tags, topics, person with a drag drop functionality over the tasks.
    Also a shortcut to increase/decrease the priority and the progress would be nice (like + – for the progress and * /, or H M L for the priority).

  51. Thanx Dmitry for fast and correct support!

    I had a problem with the pk3-file suddenly became corrupted and PortableKanban could not be started anymore.

    I had put Windows in to hibernation without exiting PortableKanban first.

    Delete the existing pk3-file and restart PortableKanban, and rebuild database content.

    Lesson learned:
    Exit PortableKanban before using hibernation, and as always – use backup.

    Portable Kanban is awesome, and so are the support, and I´ll pay nothing for it :-)

    1. Perhaps Dmitri could make a backup folder where PK would save db every hour and keep 5 versions or so, and rotate theme all the time?

      In this case if PK would detect that it cannot load latest version in could prompt to restore from the backup?

  52. Hi, Dimitri,

    when task is moved to “Done”. progress becomes 100%, but when you move the task from “Done” to “Backlog”, progress remains 100%, could you set it would be reset to 0%?

    Thank you!

  53. Thanks for a great tool, been using for a few months and works great. Unfortunately I had a hard shutdown on my laptop yesterday and when I started it again my pk3 file was all zeros. Is there some temp/backup file anywhere I might look for? Fortunately I had just updated to latest version last week and still had my old data file. I am now backing up my pk3 file regularly.

    1. There will be some improvements in the next version that may help in situation like yours, but currently the safest way is the regular backup of data files using any available utilities.

  54. Hello, just wanted to say thank you for this great tool. One thing I’d like to know is if there is an option to automatically show all the text in the task, and not set height to a fixed number of lines. Also, it would be good if there was a list of subtasks below a task.

  55. Great Program Dmitry.

    Several suggestions:

    – Shortcuts to increment/decrement Progress %
    – Option to show the ID of the Task

    Thank you for the program

  56. Hi, any chance to have portable kanban available on smartphone or tablet? Thanks.

    btw, great tool, made my work more efficient.

  57. Hi
    First of all many thanks for such a great app!
    I tried to download new version 3.5.5239.38825 and Google Chrome refused because of malware alert (I believe – false).
    Also one suggestion – would be great if tasks IDs could be visible (just to be able to identify and find particular task).

  58. I love this software! Thank you for making it. It really is great.
    One suggestion would be to either be able to choose the columns that show for the Time Tracking Report or could you at least add the “Topic” column to that report?

  59. Hello Dmitry,

    First of all – thank you for making Portable Kanban

    What do you think would it be possible to change the auto-refresh interval setting when Redis server is used? Right now the minimum time looks to be 1 minute but when several people are hooked to Redis server (i.e. on a online meeting) and tasks are addred/removed/shifted in fast pace, the auto-update time is too long to be practical solution for all participants to track all the changes.

    Another thing related to auto update – sometimes if more than one person is playing around with tasks, a message box with notification description pops up. Would it be possible to suppress this message box – i.e. via application configuration option?

    Thank you already in advance

    1. I plan to use built-in Redis notifications in the next version. This feature will replace auto-refresh option. So any change will appear almost immediately.
      Warning messages will be also changed but still will appear in case of concurrent access conflicts.

  60. Hey, I hate bothering you twice, but I never got a response to my first post, so I’m gonna ask again: Is there a chance to make the timer’s sound exchangeable in the options? I would really like to change it once in a while.

    Again, love it anyway :)

  61. Hi Dmitry – thanks for a fantastic product.

    Any chance that we can had mutiple assignees per task in the next version?


  62. Errore nell’importazione del file CSV: Failed parse CSV file. Wrong data at line 3, column “Done1″. Come posso rimediare?

    Error importing CSV file: Failed parse CSV file. Wrong date at line 3, column “DONE1.” How can I fix it?


      1. I’m sorry, but despite the efforts have not been able to bring the data from the most recent version 3.4.5212 to 3.5.5234. All I can get is this:

        As you pointed out I have not imported the CSV. I set it this way:
        1) I saved a backup from version 3.4.5212
        2) I restored the backup in version 3.5.5234
        All that I could do is this desolation:


        I have compiled (Columns, Topics, Persons …) manually, but the data are still not present.

        I add my congratulations to the new version of your great portable Kanban

        Scusami ma nonostante la buona volontà non sono ancora riuscito a portare i dati dalla versione 3.4.5212 alla più recente 3.5.5234. Tutto quello che riesco ad ottenere è questo:

        Come mi hai fatto notare non ho importato il CSV. Mi sono regolato in questa maniera:
        1) Ho salvato un backup dalla versione 3.4.5212
        2) Ho ripristinato il backup nella versione 3.5.5234
        Tutto quello che sono riuscito a fare è questa desolazione:


        Ho compilato ( Columns, Topics, Persons…) manualmente ma i dati continuano a non essere presenti.

        1. At first you do not have to backup & restore data when upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5 at all, just copy files to the same directory. But you’ve found a bug: backup may become incomplete when file is created the first time. The issue has been fixed, please upgrade to the latest version.
          Thank you! I just hope that you still have the original “portablekanban.pk3″ file from 3.4… Sorry for the inconvenience!

          1. I’ve updated again, from version 3.5.5234 to version 3.5.5239, but I got the results back I showed you earlier. For the moment I continue to work on version 3.4.5212, waiting to figure out how to update. I will follow the forum as I possibly can, waiting for advice and remedies.
            Thank you so much for the the kindness and helpfulness showed

  63. Thanks for the great app!
    After using it quite extensively I’d like to suggest having some sort of “quick entry” mode. I see it like an input box on top of the screen where I can add free-form text that PK will parse for specific tokens. For example it can use !/!! for priority, # for tags, @ for people, dates for due dates and such. The rest of the un-parsed text will be used as task details.

    I notice there is a plug-in API – I wonder if I can implement that myself?

      1. Any chance for a “quick entry” mode to be in a roadmap?

        If a plug-in can handle shortcuts and alternative will be to popup an input box without changing the main window interface.

          1. Ok, wrote it myself for the Redis backend. Up on github valentinalexeev/PersonalKanbanQuickEntry repository. Work well with Launchy.

              1. With the script I have just two issues: no way to notify PK that a task was added (so I have to wait for refresh or do it manually) and message “changed by another user”.

                For the first one – does PK work with Redis publish/subscribe functionality?

  64. Version 3.5:

    1) Default path for dropped files (Setup/Misc/Disable file folder selection);
    2) E-mail notifications, persons now have ‘e-mail';
    3) Guests can open tasks (read-only) to see details;
    4) New field in tasks: Points. May be used for alternate way of estimation (scrum-like);
    5) New stylish logo;
    6) Some other minor improvements.

    1. Hi, what do you think about “Class of Service”? Topics and tags are indeed useful (and I have many of them) but CoS should be something trasversal, that is unrelated from topics (e.g.: work, home, play, children, …) and tags (e.g.: holiday, project a, project b, agile, conference, presentation, …) so that work+agile+presentation+project a means, to me, that I have to prepare a presentation for work on agile topics for projec a.
      CoS, instead (let’s follow Anderson list) should be something related to how to manage the tasks: “Expedite”, “Fixed Date”, “Standard” and “Intangible” and may be shown just like tags but, for example, on the bottom of the task instead on the left. They may even be managed exactly like tags, anyway, but shown in a different way.
      What do you think?

  65. I love using the kanban, but recently I’ve been running into a problem. After a few days to a few weeks with the app, it stops working. Every time I try to open it, a message pops up telling me that a fatal error occurred and to restart and try again. Another message pops up saying that “type definitions start with a {, expecting serialized type ‘Cache’, got string starting with:” (Yes, it does end with the colon). Is there anything I can do?

    1. Looks like the data file (pk3) is corrupted. If you don’t have backup copy and program even doesn’t start it may be a problem. In the worst case you have to delete pk3 file and create all the tasks anew.

      1. I delete the entire application and download it again each time, but nothing seems to be working, since it keeps happening.

  66. Hello!
    Is there a possibility for every member of a board to click on a filter and only the tasks are shown that assigned to the person? If you use the report or export, you will see which tasks are assigned to you, but you cannot edit them in excel. It would be nice, if there is a feature like that to see quickly which tasks assign to you and to edit them in the normal layout. To sort the tasks in the columns after names is not the right way for the intended use.

    Next question: What about a web application of kanban board?


  67. Cheers Dmitry!

    Great job keeping the interface so simple/sleek and focusing on a range of powerfull options. I guess that’s the challenge :)

    Dmitry, I’m usually creating most of my tasks from Emails.
    I drag/drop them onto the board – easy going.

    What I would like to suggest is an option to set default path for storing files instead of choosing it for every new task.


    1. Hi,
      Great app.
      Sorry I am no techie. how do you save board to dropbox. Spend a lot of time trying!
      Many thanks

      1. The data file (pk3) is always located in the same folder with executable file. So if you want to save data in dropbox you have to keep everything there in some folder,

  68. Great program, use it every day. Thanks for the last update aswell, views options are great.

    Is it possible to give the bar with Priority * Topic * Created info a colour based on the person u assigned it to?

    So give the Persons also a coulour to mark the Tasks.

  69. Hey, I really like your product, it’s just what I was looking for and I especially love that it has a built-in timer, but I’d really like to change the sound it makes, can you put in an option in the settings for that?

  70. Hi, very very great tool! :-)
    I like drag&drop of e-mails directly from Outlook into Portable Kanban. It works fine. But I will always be asket for folder saving msg-file.
    My suggestion: Please add a setting to set an default path for msg files.

    Thanky you

  71. Version 3.4:

    1) Any topic/person/tag options in views, no need to add new ones to views;
    2) Backup/restore data to/from local file, works with server too;
    3) One more way to show hot/warm tasks – with frames;
    4) Some other small improvements.

    1. Hello good evening.
      I can export my data and settings from version 3.0.4930.34126 to version 3.4.5212.42470?

    2. Hi.
      Am running parallels and get the top menu row but everything else is gray.
      No board.
      Do you have any suggestions?
      Many thanks

  72. Hi,

    Sorry for my first message, Got in the tool without inserting a password.
    Whaooo ! I am truly impressed !, found the reports particularly neat.

    Still I have a problem. Tasks are inserted as they are shown in the reports but I don’t see them on the board…I tried to repair the DB but no improvement. Any suggertion ?
    I must be doing something wrong.

    Thanks for your help. I would really like to switch to portable Kanban rather than my existing system.


    1. I found the answer myself… The application is so rich that i forgot to allow my user on the topics… so everythinq was hidden…
      this is a killer app…

      My only regret is the need for net framwork which is not installed on my client workstation. so for me the application is not entirely portable unfortunately.

      Thank you very much for the good work. I wil try to find a few pennies in my purse to send you a token of my appreciation.



  73. Hi,
    Very promising soft ! except that I cannot get it to work. It keeps on asking me for a password to go along with the logon Administrator… What is expected ? I tried to use the portable kanban on a local user file.

    Thanks for your help on this basic technical issue.


  74. Hi Dmitry, been using this software for personal use for quite a while now. Really, enjoying it. I have used other Kanban software (web based or not) before the switch. One request, is there any plan for adding a task template? Similar to Task coach – where I can group a set of sub task together and add it without typing. For example – make travel reservation – may have two sub tasks, Book Online and then Seek Approval and the main task is not complete until the sub tasks are completed. Without a template, this becomes a lot of typing every time. Appreciate your feedeback.

  75. Great product – is there an option to generate a notification email based on a task being created / updated ?

  76. I was a big Trello user however, I wanted something that provided more project management features yet retained the KanBan functionality. I’ve tried many project management applications both SAAS and stand alone apps. I’m a visual person and I like the flow of KanBan. Dimitry, this tool is absolutely fantastic! Wow! I highly recommend it!

  77. I managed to establish a database connection via the redis server.

    Now I can access the data from different clients.
    However, i have to manually reconfigure the views.
    Is there any way to transfer the configuration from one client to the other?
    I tried to copy the portablekanban.cfg but the view did not change.

    Thx for this great tool!

    1. Not sure that I’ve understood your question, but:
      1) Views, topics, persons, tags, users are all stored within database. After manual or automatic update or restart everyone will see changes.
      2) Data source and look-and-feel options (Setup/Options) are stored in .cfg file. If you want that all the users have the same “style” of PK then you have to copy .cfg file to all the machines (user names may have to be changed).

      1. I understand.

        So, is there any way to transfer a local database to the server?
        I tried it over local data export and import in new server database, however, the views are not transfered that way…

  78. Hello Dimitry.
    Firstly, I want to thank you for the software. Amazing, easy and practical. I’m using on a desktop, in conjunction with Redis, but when I turn off the desktop where I host, the data is lost.
    Can you tell me the reason?
    Thank you for listening!

    1. You can loose changes if you turn off the host machine where the Redis server is installed. Redis has some specific startup options to save data on every change, look for ‘appendfsync’ in redis.conf file.

  79. Version 3.3:
    1) Improved reporting, there is also new ‘Time Tracking Report’ in plugins;
    2) Improved drag & drop support: more cases are supported;
    3) Some other small improvements & options.

    1. Hi Dmitry. First of all, congratulations for this software, has helps us a lot with our diary management tasks (using it in a distributed team, with Redis centralized data). I have a doubt, Is there any way of filtering the Views that can be selected by one user? (hide some Views from the upper list…)

      Much thx,

      Best regards,

    2. Great tool. It would be awesome if you would look into supporting some Kanban metrics (cumulative flow, cycle time, lead time etc.).

    3. Hello Dmitry,
      I do not understand “Improved drag & drop support: more cases are supported” means can i select more than 1 task and move together ?

  80. Hi

    I just started using Portable Kanban, it’s an amazing tool so thank you for it :)

    I just have one small request;
    Some times I forget what the tag colours mean and the only way to figure it out is to open a task. Would it be possible to add the tag name to the task tooltip?
    Or alternatively some sort of legend to show what the tag colours map to.


  81. Really nice! I like the flexibility of the “Views” feature. I use Trello right now but I don’t like it that that won’t work when I don’t have Internet connection.

    Minor annoyance: Played around with the demo data. The screen flickers a bit when I select a card, from one column to another. When a column doesn’t have enough tasks in it to need scrolling, moving the scrollwheel seems to trigger redraws cause the screen flickers too when I do that.

    I also don’t like that a column needs keyboard focus first before the mouse scrollwheel will work.

    Also how about having the card itself follow the mouse cursor when doing a drag-and-drop operation on them?


    Is it possible to edit the kind of properties a task has? Looks like they’re hardcoded right now.

    Personally, instead of only a “Priority”, I like to break that down to two: “Business Value” and “Technical Difficulty”. Both having Low, Medium, and High as their possible values.


    All in all, really nice! I’ll try it for my work.

  82. Its great software. But I can’t setup redis. I try to use redislabs.com and setup free 25 Mb server with end point pub-redis-XXXXX.eu-west-1-.2.ec2.garantiadata.com
    But when I add thei string to server setting they return error “Failed to get data from … could not connect to redis
    Can you explain what I did wrong way?

    1. Just because redislabs.com provide free 25 Mb redis database file can you make instruction how to setup you great software with this free database?

    2. Change port to XXXXX in your case. Default index is 0. Ensure that firewall allows any outgoing connections and password is correct. I do use the same service for tests: everything works just fine.

        1. I think problem is in port # – redislabs gives you unique one, not default one. Check also server address, looks like one digit is missing: pub-redis-XXXXX.eu-west-1-?.2.ec2.garantiadata.com.

          1. I think that the problem is to our firewall policy restriction. Just because from home everythink is all right.

  83. Hi Dmitry

    Any chance that a future version could also have multiple persons assigned to a task. Thanks for making this available for everyone.


  84. Hello Dmitry,

    I’ve been using Portable Kanban version 2 with Dropbox synchronization between two machines (never working concurrently on both) for a very long time, and it has been working wonderfully.
    Auto-save saved changes, DropBox synchronized them, and they were automatically loaded on the other side – ready for when I need it.

    However, since version 3, this is no longer possible as Portable Kanban no longer automatically loads changed files. Unfortunately, installing a Redis server is not an option (due to corporate firewall and security reasons).

    Is there any chance you would re-introduce automatic loading of changed .pk3 files for Portable Kanban 3? It was a really *really* useful feature, and now – not being able to synchronize – I find myself really wishing I didn’t upgrade…

    Note that this isn’t a use-case of concurrently working on the same database by multiple users – it is a use-case of working on the same database from multiple locations – so there is no risk of losing data due to conflicts.

    Thanks for an excellent product!

    1. You can use it from different locations and keep PK within a synchronized folder (Dropbox or something else). But you have to open/close it every time you switch workstations and never keep more than one instance of PK running suimultaneously. Otherway there will be a risk of losing data, it’s almost unavoidable. Consider also web-hosted Redis solutions.

      On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 4:13 AM, Dmitry Ivanov wrote:


      1. I have been working with Dropbox for the past 6 months or so, with zero problems.
        Assuming PortableKanban writes updates to the file immediately, and the DropBox picks them up immediately, and that PortableKanban on the other side loads them every minute – and given it is a single user working on both copies (so updates would always be far between – never risking a race) – there is zero risk here, in my opinion.

        Obviously, if this is something you wouldn’t support – I’ll need to find a way around this (maybe have a script restart PortableKanban whenever an update from Dropbox is detected)..
        An hosted Redis solution wouldn’t work – for the same reasons – firewall and corporate policy.

        Thanks anyway!

  85. Hi Dmitry

    Thanks for developing this great product. Would like to make a request for the next version. When creating a task would be good if there was an option to put in which reflects “Work Effort” as a percentage (maybe between Estimate Hours and Progress).

    My tasks are not necessarily time bound, but I would like to sum up the total amount of effort that is going on in my project on a per user basis.

    So I care about : Task Name | Assigned to | Work Effort

    Then I can tell how much work my team has going on and if I can load them up more.


  86. May I collect some of the most recent features I’ve read about in a wishlist here?
    * git repo (why not hg, then?)
    * horizontal storylines
    * drag&drop files in the board
    * drag&drop emails in the board
    * dynamic tasks (graphics)
    * autogenerate “created date”
    * attach person photo to task
    * uneditable “created date”
    * defined views when importing
    * cumulative flow and other “kaizen-oriented” charts for continuous improvement
    * subcolumns
    * linux version
    * api for plugins
    * fixed directory path for data, separated from application
    * “smart-column” that sorts tasks into “due this week” and “due today”, sorted according to due date
    * mouse “hover” functionality to highlight tasks
    * project files (instead of a different PK folder with its own data for each project)
    * smartphone portability

  87. Hi Dimitry thanks for that great software. One question: can i use one taskboard simultaniously on two computers when using it with the redis server?

    I would like to display our taskboards on two rooms at the same time. People should be able to work on it from both sides simultaniously.


  88. Like it a lot, works fine for me.
    Is it possible to make the tasks stay on the story, like:

    So u can move the task on the story line horizontally.

  89. I confirm it: Kanban is a very good software. However … there are still some issues about the transition to the new versions. In particular, while exporting CSV file correctly, it is not imported into the new version of the program with all of its features and you have to waste a lot of time to make, item by item, the changes. I hope we can resolve soon.

  90. Hi,

    This is a nice looking tool.
    Just started using it and I like the fact that you can just drag and drop files on it.

    Then of course I checked if I could drag and drop emails into it, but that didn’t worked.
    Since a lot of work arrives by email to me, it would be awesome if that could be possible to implement.

    Also when you drop a file onto the board, a new task is created.
    I tought it would be nice that if you drop a file on a task, it gets added to that task.

    And if you drop it on an empty space, it creates a new task.

    Also the suggestion to make the tasks dynamic, with a max height instead of a fixed height would be awesome.

  91. Hi Dmitry!

    A Few suggestion to a wonderful apps

    1. autogenerate “created date”.

    For team work monitoring, I would like to suggest it to be autogenerate based on computer date (added when ok button is clicked on the edit Task panel) and cannot be edited.

    Currently it is selectable/editable.Some team member tend to change them to show the task being done faster.

    2. Attach “person” photo to Task panel.
    Ok. This may be difficult. But it’s just an idea so take your time…

    Thanx for reading.

  92. Looks very nice indeed! however when downloading from Chrome it says “PortableKanban.zip appears malicious” which you might want to look into as this may keep people from downloading. Downloading from IE is OK.

  93. Hello Dmitry. Quick note on my last install.
    Server 2008 R2
    had to comment out 2 lines in redis.conf to get the redis service started by watcher

    #hash-max-zipmap-entries 512
    #hash-max-zipmap-value 64

      1. Hi, I am using PK now for quite a while and am very happy with it. Unfortunately it just gave me an error message: Failed to load data from file … System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Type definitions should start with a ‘{‘, expecting serialized type ‘Cache’, got string starting with:

        After “starting with:” nothing follows.
        How can I fix it?
        Thanks in advance!

        1. If you do not have backup copies of data files (cfg & pk3) then you can try:
          0) make a copy of pk3 file (just for a case).
          1) open pk3 file with Notepad and save it with UTF-8 encoding. It should start with “{“Columns”:…”.
          2) if you cannot open it or it’s empty – unfortunately your data file is most likely corrupted.
          3) if it’s not empty – you can send it to me by e-mail. I’ll try to fix it, I promise to keep all the information confidential.
          Please, let me know about result.

          1. Thank you for the quick reply. As recommended I opened the pk3 file with wordpad and it is empty. Other text pk3 files contain text, so I think it has been crashed. Fortunately there hasn´t been much in it, so I will rewrite it. If I get this error again, I will let you know it. Perhaps it´s something with Win 8?

            1. Now it happened again: when I shut my laptop, Win8 sometimes is not able to restart correctly when I open the laptop again. When this happens, I press the on/off-Button and Win8 restarts. After that the pk3-file is empty. Perhaps this information is helpful?

              1. Looks like it may happen when the laptop cannot resume from hibernated mode due some reason. Cold shutdown also may lead to losing data. I’ll check, for a while, ensure that “automatic save” option is on: ‘Setup/Options/Data/Update interval’ is not 0 (e.g. 1-5); and click on ‘Save’ or close PK before cold shutdown.

                  1. I am having this issue as well. I am using version 3.5 running on Windows 8.1. I suspect that the issue has to do with waking from hibernate. Any ideas if a fix is possible? Both cfg and pk3 files contain “nul”

                    1. Hi
                      I have also run into this problem – painfully.
                      Due to my weak English I worry that I could misunderstand Dimitri’s answer. Should “Exit on power down” be True or False?

                      BTW. Great idea with default files folder. Now I can drag e-mails directly from Outlook. Splendid. I have no idea what points are for but better have it and do not use then otherwise.

                    2. Also it came to my mind. There is backup option in utilities. Maybe allowing set backup on time manner would be good option as well.
                      If it backuped db every (for instance) 20 minutes I could feel much more comfortable.

  94. Did anyone get this working on windows 7? I am having problems… When I run the PortableKanban.exe it keeps asking me for a Username and Password. Even though I am running as Administrator.
    Can someone help! :(

  95. I’m not sure if alredy in the tool but somethime I find useful a view that can give me those tasks that are due by today (or due by X days) and in which situation they are. Is it alredy there? I was not able to use Due date as a filter in the Edit View pannel.

  96. Hi Dmitry,

    I see the option the set the number of text lines of a card, but it’s a fixed size. Is there, or would there be, an option to treat this as a maximum size (besides the current fixed size of course)? This would mean that if the text of the card is just one line, the card would have a smaller height than cards with 2, 3 or more lines.

    I realize I would lose the neatly arranged cards in a grid like way, but the benefit is that more cards can be displayed at the same time.

    I now use 4 lines. The white space that I now often see is a waste of precious screen space. On the other hand I have a few cards where even 5 lines would be nice. It would also be a better visual indicator of what tasks are in sight without even looking at them directly: after a while you recognize a task by the size of the card and the look of the text that’s in it. This is a lot harder when all cards look equal.

    Looking forward to your opinion.

    Kind regards,

  97. I’m trying to connect KanBan to a server installed instance of redis, I’m running the quick version you suggest to just test it: run redis-server.exe on the server, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of to get connected from my workstation – here is what the path to the server instance looks like: \\\s$\PortableKanban\Server\redisbin\ port 6379, index 0 but I get and error: failed to get data from \\\s$\PortableKanban\Server\redisbin:6379[0]

  98. Hi Dmitry,
    I have to say, your tool looks and works great! Simple, yet very complete!

    I have a couple of questions, maybe some of them were already answered in these comments but I haven’t found them. So here it goes:

    1-What kind of licensing (if any) do you have in place? Could I use this in my company for small projects?

    2-Maybe you don’t have time or interest on this, but… any thoughts on what it would take to have a Linux version of Personal Kanban?

    3-Do you have or plan any kind of API so that people could write their own plugins?

    I understand this is a personal project and we obviously can’t demand anything, so I am just throwing ideas out there :)
    Keep up the good work, thanks for creating such useful app!

  99. Hello Dmirty.
    These changes you have made recently have been great. The complexity they have added has only been optional so far, in my eyes. I have greatly enjoyed using this tool. Thank you for developing it.

    A few of your recent changes have been in regards to the timer. I have tasks that take me right around the time of one, two, maybe three pomodoros worth of time, but also some tasks that take only a quarter of one. The pomodoro method, if I have read it right, says to just combine small tasks into a single pomodoro session of work. When I try to do that, I find I must activate a single task for time tracking, and then let it run for all tasks I do in the same pomodoro of time. Afterwards, I need to go into each task and estimate the start and end times from my last 25 minutes. If I stop the time to switch time tracking to a new task, it resets and I loose pomodoro accuracy.

    I am wondering if there is a way, or could one be added, to switch tasks that are being tracked for time without stopping or resetting the pomodoro timer. While I realize I could combine tasks into one on the Kanban, I would loose visibility into categorization, URL, and time estimation accuracy for my tasks. Do you have any advice or thoughts?

  100. One question. In the top of window we have for example:
    This Week (9/25/4.5)
    9 is task
    4.5 is time
    and 25? What this mean?
    Best Regards and thanks for all your work. Great job!

  101. Thanks for an awesome program. My only request would be to make it possible to keep the data file in a fixed directory path apart from the application. But please stick with your philosophy – keep it simple, don’t add features to be all things to all people. What you did here is very elegant. Thanks again.

  102. Great product, Dmitry! Any chance we could see an option to change the calendar to factor in business days only when displaying the heat threshold on due dates? Meaning if something is due on Monday, and today is Friday, the heat threshold for “rush” is set for 1 day away, the task shows as 1 business day left to complete the task versus 3 calendar days.

  103. Hi,

    Is there any possibility for a “smart-column”, especially one that sorts tasks into “due this week” and “due today”, sorted according to due date? Right now, I have to manually drag tasks into “due today” and “due this week”.

    1. One more thing. I noticed if I stop work without reaching the end, I still get pomodoro if Work has enough minutes. But in reality if you stop pomodoro without reaching the end, you loose pomodoro :)

      I would say Work may display overall time, that’s good to know, but if I push Stop before the end, Pomodoro counter (Full work intervals) should skip that “bad” pomodoro :)

      Unless you want that clock to be more for general use, not specifically for pomodoro technique.

      1. One more thing :D

        If I would have one full work interval (clock already in red) and then by selection (or accidentally) would click not on break, but on new work cycle again, previous full cycle would be skipped and not counted – that’s not fair ;)

  104. Hi Dmitry!
    Your tool is really SUPER!
    I would recommend you a very simple thing to make it look even more professional – add “hover” pseudo-class to the buttons / headers and possibly to the tasks so the color will change and the mouse icon will become a hand when above it.
    This is very simple (as you know for sure) and will make the UX/UI more fun to use!

  105. Hello Dmitry, it is a great and amazing tool. Thank you for creating it.

    I however have a problem: My PC bluescreened over night – and when I oppened Portable Kanban all the tasks were gone, The swimlanes with all there settings are still there.

    Any idea if it is possible to restore the tasks? What is the standard auto-saving location?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Jan,

      The standard location is the same folder where .exe file is, data file is PortableKanban.pk3. But it seems like it’s already overwritten. If Setup/Options/Data/Update interval is not 0, PK will save data every 5 minutes (by default).

  106. Very interresting tool. I would like to try portable-kanban. But I’m using Linux Ubuntu 12.04. Is there a way to use the software on linux? How does ist go? Thanks for helping.

  107. Hi, is PK still development? I have a feature request – indicator whether user is in “working” or “break” mode. When timer turns red, I can’t tell whether I should pause or work.
    Possibly highlight the “work” button when user is working (and pause button when, user is having a break, big pause button when user is having an extended break). That would do the trick.

  108. Hi Dmitry, just wondering is there any way I can alter the text used in the priority drop down menu? I would like to use different wording other then high,med,low.

    Thanks & take care.

  109. Really nicely done, functional and it looks great. Thank you.

    It would be nice to be able to copy tasks, and to be able to set up recurring tasks. Perhaps right-click could optionally give a menu for copy, instead of move left?

    Another nice to have — not strictly Kanban, — would be a calendar view of deadline dates.

    Minor issue: entering deadline *times* is harder than it needs to be, in part because there’s no dropdown, in part because the time is cut off by the date dropdown.

    Another issue: perhaps Views could filter *out* instead of *in*. As it is now, if I add a new topic/tag/user, it’s excluded from all views until I include it in each view. That’s a little tedious. (But I’m using more topics than most, I suspect.)

    But these are quibbles. Your app is a joy to use. Again, thanks.

  110. Excellent product Dmitry, thank you for sharing it with us.

    I have used this product many times on projects to provide status snapshots and it has been received very well.

    If you have enough requests for this, I would be interested to see an option to select a project file, like the process we are all used to theses days.

    As a Project Manager I have to work of several Projects for different companies in parallel and would like an OPEN PROJECT option to open and save individual projects. Currently I am making directories of my projects and copying the PortableKanban.config & PortableKanban.xml files into them?

    With Best Regards & Respects

    (Mr-Agile Ltd)

  111. Hello Dmitry, first let me say that it is a great piece of software what you are sharing, thank you! Now, I have a question, how can I include the percentage of completion in the “report”?, I mean, usually that is something that a manager ask, -what the current status of an specific task is-. Is it possible to display a column with a percentage value? Can I trick it with the current version? or it may be included in an upcoming version?
    Thank you.

  112. What a nice app this is.

    Does importing tasks via .csv overwrite the existing tasks in the database? Playing around with it, that seems to be what happens. Is there any way to append new tasks to the existing tasks, short of exporting the existing tasks, merging them together with new tasks in a spreadsheet and then importing this new .csv back into PK?

    1. Unfortunately there is no way to append tasks from csv file at this moment, imported tasks will replace existing ones. The only workaround is to do it the way you proposed: export/merge/import back.

      1. Okay, thanks. It looks like with the workaround I proposed you end up losing all of your configurations as well when you import the .csv (views, people, etc.). Perhaps down the line this won’t be the case.

        Would make it easier to take tasks out of other programs and add them here (e.g., I use Omnifocus for all my projects, tasks, etc). But I’m experimenting to see whether Kanban may provide a nice compliment to that when it comes to the tactical/operation aspects of doing the tasks .

        So the ability to work between the two programs would be nice. A mac version would also be nice. But I imagine that’s not very likely, since this app requires .net. Alas. Trello seems okay and has the available everywhere on every platform cloud aspect. But I like all the different filtering stuff you’ve included. Makes it really easy to see subsets of the tasks.

        1. Hi Dmitry,
          Would it be possible to add a feature of adding notes to the tasks?for e.g. some blocked tasks could be added along with a note to see what the reason was for the task to be blocked. Also if possible can this be done with the version 2.2.4764.39729 as I am using this in my company over a LAN and don;t ave the redis server installed

          1. 2.x is not developed anymore, 3.x has much more features. I highly recommend to switch to the newest version, Redis is really very simple to install, any PC may work as a server. Unfortunately there is no “Note” field and I don’t think that there is a need for it: you can reuse “Text” for the same reason. Version 3.x also has “Cancelled” flag & date fields, so you will see these tasks in UI marked with X-sign.

  113. The idea seems great, any plans to make it more “portable” so can be used from a smartphone? E.g. windows phone 8? Cheers!

    1. Hi Dmitri,
      Hope all is well at your end
      I didn’t see your replies since 10-15 days and was concerned to check out :)

  114. Hey Dmitry, once again thank you for making such a great application. Its amazing to see how far you’ve come over time..Awhile back others suggested adding a notes field/option. At the time you wanted to keep things simple. Given that things keep evolving, any chance of getting an expanded notes function? Also the ability to ad multiple attachments would be nice as well. Much love and thanks again!

  115. Great tool. Just missing a way to relate tasks to projects and a copy function for a task or a group of tasks (could work as a template for projects). Thanks anyway for this useful free tool. I’m using it at home, for my project oriented work i ‘m still missinga few things. But there is more in it than in many tools that are not free. I don’t want to bring you on bad ideas with this last comment ;-).
    Geert, Belgium

    1. You can link projects (files or folders) to tasks, see Link/File/Directory in “Edit Task” window. Use to create a copy of the selected task. Look at other shortcuts About/Shortcuts.

    2. Hi,
      I am using the 2.2.4 for my small team, have kept it on a LAN, now when anyone moves any card there is an auto refresh that takes place on all open instances of the board in different machines.
      Now, with version 3.0, i don’t find this feature of auto-reload, i checked the Data>Update interval but that doesn’t work
      Please help

      1. That’s correct. This feature is replaced in 3.0 to database server based board. You’ll need to export all the data to csv file from 3.0, then install the server on some machine, change data source (Setup/Data/Data source) and import data back. This is currently the only way to use shared data. Follow instructions in readme.txt.

        1. Thanks for the Reply Dmitry, would it be possible for you to re-add this auto reload feature as it would be very helpfull for people like me who are allowed limited resources to work with and the only possible way for me to work is through a LAN.
          Also, I noticed that there is a limit to the stories i can plance under one column after which it becomes invisble.Would it be possible to place a scroll bar when such a situation occurs?

          1. Also, would it be possible to add the feature of adding comments to a particular task? This is in case when some task has already passed its deadline, in this case we would know why was the task not completed.
            Also, another useful feature would to add different users to different sub tasks under one big task
            Sorry, if I am going overboard with this :)

  116. A suggestion from my Manager.

    An option to enable the following :-
    Every time i save my Portable Kanban, can it take a screeshot of the PK window(in jpg) and store it at C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds\backgroundDefault.jpg
    This is the lock screen default image (well on win7 32bit anyhow).

    This is so if i am AFK with my workstation locked, he can still see what i am working on just by waking up my pc to the lock screen.

    Lol, not sure if this is a good thing or not from my perspective ;-)

  117. When I try to start the program, it asks for a user name and password, and won’t accept anything I enter. How do I start the program?

  118. Nice tool. One suggestion for enhancement is to have the timer alarms to turn off after 15 or 20 seconds. That way if you have not made it back to your desk you are not annoying your neighbors.

  119. Version 3.0.4930.34126: some small bugs are finally fixed (“result <= prev" messages and some more). Check your database after update (Setup/Utilities/Check database).

  120. Thanks for the great app! I have been looking for something like this for quite a long time. It functions really well except one small issue: when I tried to export my local file data and then import it to redis server, I found the views/persons/columns/topics and their settings were not exported/imported correctly. Some of them are lost and I had to re-create or re-set.

    1. Ensure that you have the latest version 3.0.4896.39886 and try to check database: Setup/Utilities/Check database. If problem still persists after checking then let me know, please. I’m getting ready an update that should fix this problem, for a while you just can ignore this error.

                1. I can’t reproduce the issue, is it possible to get a copy of your database? If so, could you send it to me by e-mail with valid e-mail address for responses?

  121. I decided to start from scratch with v3.0. I asked the application to populate demo data. But, then, I get a “Login screen”, and I am unable to get past this point. No matter what I type in, I get “Wrong user name or password”. Stuck at this point.

    What’s to be done to move forward? What are the default user names?

          1. I did. :)

            I also struggled with login for a while and opened readme.txt twice. I did not notice the login tips the first time, but I found the instruction the 2nd round.

            Thank you, Dmitry, for developing and enhancing this elegant software. I have finally found my dreamed productivity tool.

  122. I see very interesting behavior in v3.0 (not imported DB – a new one) – in Backlog section I had bunch of old tasks (~20). Then I moved one of the tasks from This Week to Backlog. Although it was marked as Medium Priority, it was still moved to the very bottom – all other Backlog tasks were Low Priority.

    I thought OK, most likely Backlog is unordered and you have to order it manually. But that was not the case. I could not move that task with Mouse, could not with CTRL+Up Arrow – It was stuck at the bottom.

    Then I tried to move second from the bottom task and it fell to the very bottom. At this time CTRL+UP and Mouse was working, but only for those 2 tasks – they would change the places, but they could not be moved to upper positions, unless I would move third from the bottom task and it would fall to the very bottom and become “unlocked” and etc., etc.

    Any ideas?

    1. Task position within lists depends on column sort order. Check Setup/Columns/Sort Order/Define. If option “Do not sort” is selected then you can move tasks (Ctrl+Up/Down or drag & drop) within list to any position. If option “Sort automatically” is selected task positions completely depend on sort order, up to 5 fields may be used. Try to use default sort order for beginning, then you can tweak it. E.g. if you choose priority/ascending as the first parameter all the tasks will be sorted only by priority. Then you can add deadline and so on. Note that every column may have own sort order.

      1. When task moved with Ctrl+Left/Right it always will be placed at the end if column has no sort order.
        I couldn’t reproduce the problem with “locked” tasks, but I’ll keep digging. For a while you can use the workaround you found or a couple of new shortcuts: Ctrl+Home/End to move task to top/bottom place within column.

        1. Bug has been fixed. To fix the problem use Setup/Utilities/Check database, some tasks may change their position, but the problem won’t appear anymore. Thanks for sample files.

  123. Hello Dimitry,

    I have tried to export the data from my old board to csv, then add the columns as you suggest in the README, then save as csv and import in v3. However, I keep getting an error message:

    System.Runtime.Serialization.InvalidDataContractException: Wrong data at line 2, column “Column”…

    But I don’t see anything wrong with that cell…

    1. Try once again to edit exported csv file in Excel, but do not just save it after change. Use “Save as…”, select CSV (comma separated…). Do not overwrite file 2nd time when closing Excel. Then if you open the file with notepad you should see that values are separated with semicolons (not commas).

      1. Hi Dimitry, I ended up exporting my data to csv and editing it on Notepad++. Luckily, all my tasks have a Tag and I was able to add the two columns with a regex. :)

      2. I did that, and still get the error message.
        System.Runtime.Serialization.InvalidDataContractException: Wrong data at line 10, column “Estimate” …
        Tried other file, same error , just different line.

        I saved as .csv, added 2 columns, used semicolon

        1. Could you send me your file by e-mail (original one, exported from previous version), please? I’ll figure out what is the problem. I promise to keep your data confidential.
          Within program click on “About” or F1, “About” tab, “Send e-mail”.

        2. Hey Alexander,

          If ALL your tasks have tags, you can open the exported csv file on notepad++ and replace all:

          find: (;”)
          replace with: ;””;””\1

          use regularExpressions.

    2. I had the same problem and found the csv was semicolon delimited not comma delimited.

      Replaced all semicolons with comma’s and it work fine.

  124. Hi Dmitry,
    Is there any way I could change the justification of task title from Center to Left? Most of my tasks take several lines and and to me they don’t look tidy enough when centered.

  125. Version 3.0 is out:
    1) Time tracking & estimates;
    2) Works with a server: now it’s not only for personal use;
    3) Plugins.
    And a lot of big & small improvements.
    Important notice: new version requires importing data from old one thru csv file, see Readme.txt for details. Do not expand to the same folder, export all your data to csv file before upgrade (v2.4: Settings/Export/Export data to CSV file…).

    1. Hi Dmitry,

      thank you for V2.4. The thick frame around the selected task seems to be a minuscule feature, but I’m very thankful.

      And now to V3.0:
      My configuration is very different to the default one. I hesitate to change to V3.0. Can I rely on that the next updates don’t destroy my config again? Then I will invest the time to port my current config. Otherwise, sorry to say that, I would stick to V2.4.

      Thank you in advance and thank you again for PorKa.

      1. I do not recommend to expand zip file to the same folder because v3 and v2 use different way of storing data & configuration:
        v2: config & xml (both are xml)
        v3: cfg & pk3 (both are json).
        New version doesn’t use old data & config file at all. You’ll have to export data from old version to CSV file, then import it into new one (see Readme.txt for details). Settings have to be changed manually.
        If you accidentally copied files over old version, it’s still available.

        1. Oh no, there is nothing “destroyed”. Export and Import of data works well.
          My point is: Configuration (*.config resp. *.cfg).
          I find it quite annoying to change the settings manually with an update. I only want to know, if this might happen again with one of the next updates.

  126. A great app, downloaded today and already very useful. Having just started to get to grips with it though I keep tweaking the colours of the tasks (based on topic colours) and they don’t appear to apply consistently. Some of the tasks colours seem based on other topics. Is this a bug?
    Keep up the great work.

  127. New version 3.0 is coming soon. It will introduce time tracking, estimates, user management, database for working groups and a lot of small improvements. It’s currently ‘beta’ and available here: http://sdrv.ms/ZVVQ9G.
    Anyone who is interested in testing new version is welcome. I very much appreciate your help. Please, contact me directly if you find any issue by e-mail (About/Send e-mail).

    1. Would it be possible to add small counter to the Pomodoro clock, which would show the number of small breaks, cause otherwise it is easy to lose track how many you already had.

  128. Furious fan of the Portable Kanban – it took me 15 years to find the best tool. Finally I am satisfied. My only remarks are:
    1. The app is too slow. Maybe a native Windows API application would do better
    2. The app is .NET dependent. I wouldrather have a native app wirtten in C++ or Delphi
    3. When creating a new task from a given view it would be best the task’s Topic to get the default value from the view.
    4. Put the kanban icon of the main form as icon for the New Task dialog
    5. Export to PDF as Report
    6. Be able to put more task in Today (as configration option)

    But even if you don’t change a bit I am still a happy user.


    1. Second #3… too many times I created task to realize it’s nowhere on the screen, so have to go to all tasks, find the task and assign the view.

  129. Dear Dmitry, thank you for your application. For a long time I was desperately looking for exactly such small tool which will ensure task visibility for a distributed team and nothing else. Then I found PersonalKanban! We are using it for three months already and saw no issues. Please keep it as simple as it is no, please try to avoid extend it with “small” features requested by casual commentators – otherwise we all go into risk that the tool core function – simplicity – will not be usable any more. Спасибо!

  130. Thank you for a great tool :-) I was happy to see that you have included pomodoro timer. It would be great if I could add estimated number of pomodoros to task and count how many pomodoros I spent on each task so that I would know about task progress/completion rate.

    In my own system (so far implemented only in Google Spreadsheet) I count how many pomodoros per working day should I spend on specific task to complete it between starting day (or current day if task is already in progress) and deadline. It gives me a good perspective so that I can see that some work is urgent today even if deadline is in several days. I always had a problem with larger tasks to find time and motivation to start them early and ended up spending much hours short before the deadline. Now if task gets high number of average remaining pomodoros per working day than I see that it is urgent right now and should be a high priority for me. It shows me also that I should be more assertive then with others additional requests.
    I plan also to implement some chart that would show me my workload for the next few working days based on total number of pomodoros for all tasks that will be open during each day. This will hopefully help me better avoid large accumulation of work to be done during one day.

    1. Really good tool: easy to use&install, no need for webserver.
      What’s missing:
      * undo
      * Convert links in reports to real links
      * automated reports? Can one do via command line?

  131. Fantastic combination of great minimalistic design and flexibility!!!

    Just one question: How to display subtasks in task’s card on the board? I
    thought “Show subtasks” = true option would do that, but changing between true and false doesn’t change anything on the board. Did I miss something, or it’s a bug? I use version 2.3.4820.40336, downloaded just yesterday.

    Also, let me propose a small improvement: It’d be great if I could set a background color for each view tab.
    I use Views as a filter for Topics (all, none, and a separate view for each topic). In my case, I’d set each view the same color as the color of the topic it filters, and the view bar would serve as a colored legend for the board (I looked it up in KanbanFlow, which has a colored bar, with the name of the respective topic inside each tile, helping you to remember the meaning of each color).

    1. There is no way to show subtasks on the board. ‘Show subtasks’ option defines how to show subtasks in ‘Edit Task’ window: always or only when there are some of them.

  132. Hi Dimitry,

    I just tried upgrading to 2.3 from 2.2. It seems that none of my tasks are populating the screen despite pointing the application to my existing data file. Is this a known issue?

  133. Hi,

    I was thinking to develope something like this, light, portable and easy in use for planning my personal tasks instead of TFS we use in the office for this.

    Any chance it’s possible to donate a certain ammount of money to get access to the source and/or repository? (for personal use)


      1. Ah ok. :)

        Not sure if this is a known issue but, the “Clear Content” option is not persistent, it will clear the lane once when applying but is not saved after the dialog is closed and reopened.


  134. Hi Dmitry,

    There seems to be one thing missing that prevents me from starting to use Portable Kanban on my job. I don’t care that much about deadlines: I have loads of things to do, and they do have priorities, but they usually don’t have deadlines.

    What they do have: time estimates. All my tasks have rough time estimates, so we can keep track of my workload. I would like to be able to assign a time estimate to a task, in hours, days, whatever.

    And ideally, I would like to use the/a timer in a way that when I select a task and start the timer, the time is added to the total time spent on that task. This way I can check, after a longer period of time, whether my estimates are too low, too high, or just about right.

    Does this sounds useful to you, or are there reasons why you’d prefer to not implement these kinds of features?


    1. Also: when estimates of time can be entered per task, some kind of visual indication of the weight of a task would be nice. For example a colour indication per definable weight category (less than 2h, more than 2h but less than 1d, more than 1d).

      1. I do have some ideas about more accurate time tracking, but I’m still trying to keep things simple.
        The current implementation has only a common “pomodoro” timer which shows time spent on work and breaks, but not related to any task (move mouse over the counter to see statistics). You can have more than one task in “Doing” column and work on them simultaneously, this would make time tracking even more complex: every time you switch to some task you’ll have to “activate” only one of them. So very accurate time tracking will take more user time & attention.
        The simplest workaround you can use right now: define tags for short/middle/long tasks with different colors to clearly identify them in views.

        1. You are right about keeping things simple. At least at first sight it should be, because I consider it a strength of Portable Kanban. I’m looking forward to the implementation of your time tracking ideas, as I need something like that to be able to use it for my job.
          Thanks and good work!

          1. You can also try using Grindstone. It’s portable and focused entirely on time tracking. Usually it good to have one tool to do a specific job, but do it good.

        2. Great software! Thanks for sharing. It would great if the timer could stop automatically after the short or long breaks.

          I just went to the bar after a break and I found it counting a pause of 35 minutes!

  135. Great tool!
    Is there a chance to define “Swimlanes” on your board? Would be perfect for me?

  136. Version 2.3:
    1) Tags in views and reports. Attention: add all (or some) tags to views after upgrade.
    2) More autosave options.
    3) Frames around selected tasks (Setup/Options/Tasks/Draw frames & Selected frame color).

      1. From CSV: you may have to add “Tags” column before “Link”, it’s easier to do it in Excel. Check that you can see correct data in preview (Setup/Import/Select).
        From XML: file will be updated on-the-fly. If you do not see any tasks after upgrade then edit views: Setup/Views/Data + include all tags in every view.

    1. I wrote earlier, but perhaps your spam counter was over aggressive.

      Would you be interested in sharing the source code of this tool on Sourceforge/launchpad? I think this can be an excellent learning tool/demo for people as well.

      Thanks for the tool.

  137. Hello Dmitry,

    I’m using PortableKanban for almost half a year. That’s a big compliment. Thanks for this tool. So, I’d like to repeat my wishes from September 16, 2012

    1. If you configure a “View” that selects special “Topics” then the displayed WIP in the column header matches the number of visible cards. That’s not helpful. The WIP display in the column header should be independent from the “View”. Another possibility is to display both values: visible and total cards.

    2. A doubleclick on a column header copies the title of the column header. That’s nasty.

    3. I want to see the the colour of the selected card. I suggest a new option: “Selected card keeps its colour.” A frame around the selected card indicates selection.

    1. 1) Options/Headers: Show count & Show limit. Looks like in your case Show count = True, but Show limit = false. WIP count doesn’t depend on view. If column has no WIP limit you’ll see only count.
      2) Double click on header opens a new task (may be you have some old version?). Column will be the same as the clicked one.
      3) Try to set Transparent color (Options/Tasks/Selected background color). Text gets bold. I didn’t plan it actually.

      1. Hi Dmitry,

        thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I’m misunderstood. I try to be more precise.

        1. “Show count” and “Show limit” are both set to true. That’s not the point. I make an example:
        Create the two topics “Job” and “Private”, a column with a WIP-Limit of 2 and three views “All” , “Job” and “Private”. Now add a “Job” card and a “Private card to the column. Depending on the selected view the column header displays:
        “All” : (2/2) ==> That’s OK.
        “Job” and “Private” (1/2) ==> That’s not OK (for me)
        I see (1/2) and think ther’s still place for a second card. But the column is actually full.

        2. A doubleclick on a column header copies the title (the text) of the column header **to the clipboard**!

        3. It’s just a wish, not essential. The transparent option doesn’t satisfy me.

        4. Another nice to have:
        Sometimes it would be nice to scroll all columns at once. Just to get an overview of all cards.
        Perhaps: CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL
        btw: I would like to spot the actual selected column. So, a marker for the selected column will be fine.
        btw: If I change the “View” it can happen, that no column is selected. I have to press TAB to focus a card.

        1. Ok, I see.
          1. Suppose that there always will be Count(view-independent)/WIP Limit: “Job” and “Private” (2/2), but only 1 card will be shown – I think it would be even more confusing. 3 counters (in_view/in_column/wip -1/2/2) would be too much.
          2. It’s known bug/feature of .NET, there is still no elegant workaround.
          3&4. I’ll try to add something in the next version.

          1. Good evening,

            1. You’re right, 3 counters are too much.
            I want to know how many cards the column can absorb. That’s independent of the view.
            The number of visible cards is not so important because it’s easy to count (it’s always <= WIP-Limit, and that is mostly a small number).
            2. :-(
            3.&4. I will let myself be surprised.

            Many thanks. Keep it up!

  138. Thank you for this beautiful application!

    Luckily I found that stack exchange post :)

    I have one suggestion if I may. When there are more tasks than you can see, there is no indication to the user. Could we have something like this arrow? http://i.imgur.com/bsybSkN.png

    Also if there would be some kind of keyboard shortcut like holding space key and then cursor would become like a hand and you could freely drag the view and see tasks bellow the fold?

    In any case thank you again for sharing this tool!

      1. It really is a very good tool. Tried other kanban tools but this one is the best. It’s a shame there’s no Linux version. Is it in your possibilities?

  139. Looks like a great tool Dimitri!
    Next step would be to make it sync with outlook/google tasks. I’ll get a look at the xsd and transform my outlook backlog tasks to a suitable xml format for Portable Kanban. An outlook plugin could even read the xml file from Personal Kanban, and update the outlook status field (Not started, In Progress,….), assuming that you give the columns in Portable Kanban the same names as used in Outlook. It could also use the same Outlook categories/colors to categorize tasks…

    Or just being able to drag outlook tasks to the application, would also be a great help (as long as I don’t need to re-type the subject of each task).

    A timer to keep track of the total time from start to finish would also be appreciated (but that has been asked before I think).

    Anyway, keep on the good work!

  140. Dmitry Ivanov,

    this is really a nice application, i am using this for my day to day tasks. i have 2 requests for you.

    1.ability to start tracking the time taken from start to finish. some thing like start date and time (create date and time is not so important for me.
    2. Ability to generate graphs from the application. i am ok to write a script to do it on top of the xml data. but i still need start date tracked some how.

    i have seen some people asking the same for you in few posts back. i am early waiting for your response.

    Honestly Great work.. really portable and cool..

  141. Version 2.2 is out:

    1) Some improvements to allow sharing data in small workgroups. I have had to split data file in 2 portions: config & data; some settings (in Setup/Options) will revert to default values, sorry for inconveniences…
    2) Config file is always resides in the same folder near executable file, but data file now can be placed anywhere.
    3) “Auto save” behavior is changed: “On” means that any change will be saved immediately.
    4) Reload button is back (Setup/Options/Show reload button). You’ll also see a message when data file has been changed by someone else or can reload data at any time. For “public” displays you may use “Auto reload” option.
    5) Export tab in Setup: export all the data in CSV (with tags), export schema (XSD).
    6) Some other small things, e.g. timer progress in taskbar (W7 only).

    It’s always a good idea to backup data before upgrade.

    1. Hello Dmitry,

      I just upgraded to this latest version yesterday. I like the new Find behavior a lot – it is now possible to press Enter multiple times to jump to the next find results, without losing focus. Thanks!

      However, the Find is no longer cyclic – that is, if I start a find standing on a specific task, Find only finds tasks following it, but not preceding it. This was not the original behavior, and it is pretty confusing. It also means that in order to find a task, I must first jump to the first task on the board.

      Can this behavior by reverted, such that Find is cyclic? If a result isn’t found “below” the current task, search resumes at the first task?

      Thanks for a great product!

        1. Thanks for the quick response.

          As far as I know, Excel doesn’t work like that. Excel’s “Find” is cyclic – after the last find on the sheet, it goes back to the beginning.
          The problem with not being cyclic is that it is very confusing (after all, I wish to make sure if I have something exists in all tasks). It also wasn’t like that before, which is even more confusing.
          If you believe this is correct behavior – I obviously can’t complain, but I would appreciate if this can be changed. Maybe, if others feel this is correct behavior – this can be configurable option?


            1. Oh, okay. It is a more subtle bug.

              Reproduction instructions –
              1. Create a new board.
              2. Create a new (single) column.
              3. Add tasks – name them “a”, “b”, “c”, “d”, “a” (in this order).
              4. Stand on “c”.
              5. Find “b”. Find would fail (this is the bug).
              7. Stand on “c”.
              8. Find “a”. Find would succeed, and find the second “a”.
              9. Click “Next”, and the other (first) “a” would be found as well.
              10. Stand on the second “a” (last task).
              11. Find “a”. Find would fail (this is the bug as well).

              So, the bug appears to be – if a task is not found from the current task to the end of the board, Find wouldn’t be cyclic.

                  1. Hello again,

                    In the recent versions, “auto save” behavior was changed (as you explain).
                    This change causes a backup software I have (which does active monitoring of the filesystem, backing up any changed files) to go crazy when I’m doing massive changes (for example, when moving a task across many other tasks – for every move the XML file is updated).
                    I’m not sure what was the previous behavior, but it co-existed much better with the backup software – I’m assuming it only saved changes every few seconds / minutes, and not every update?
                    Is it possible to make this behavior configurable? For my needs it would probably work better, and avoid conflicting with the backup.


                    1. For some reason I can’t reply to your reply (too deep?), so replying here –
                      I am aware I can disable auto-save, but it is scary. I use Portable Kanban too often to give up on auto-saving…
                      And, counting on save on exit is really not useful – Portable Kanban is *always* open. I never close it…

  142. I’d really like to use this, but I’m on a mac. I’m trying to run on wine or crossover but not having much luck. Will this run with the mono libraries instead of .Net 4?

    1. Well, experimenting, the answer seems to be “sort of, but no”. It won’t display the cards, and trying to add a new task kills the application. I’ll try more later maybe with some links I’ve found to hacks that will allow the .net libraries to run on wine directly.

  143. Hi Dmitry,
    great job. This is the right tool to save trees!!!
    I still wish only two features:
    –> The tags should be in the CSV report.
    In my opinion the best place in CSV would be right before the Subtask as a column per tag and the tag name as the column name
    –> And allow also numbers instead of only Yes or No in a tag.
    The reason is, we have currently tags like “planed effort”, “actual effort” or something like “effort low/medium/high” on our post-it’s and it would be very useful to get this information also in a column of a CSV-report instead of the the ‘text-field’.



    1. Hi Dmitry,
      could you place the tag column before the columns for subtasks, because the number of subtask-columns in the CSV based on the task with the max. numbers of subtasks which is currently in the board and this could change time by time…



  144. Hello!
    First of all – thank you for great application, I can customize everything there!
    Could you implementing printing of a task card (task which is opened for editing)? In the settings there could be a printing format definition (e.g. to fit: A3/A4/A5).
    Sometimes it is good to have a paper copy of a task in hand if PC is not available and screenshots printing is not convenient.

      1. Correct, it will take ~same time as “print screen” option; quick print button would work faster if I need just one task details.
        Anyway, I’m happy with current version, just suggested an idea. :)

  145. Thanks very much Dmitry for making such a fantastic piece of software! I’ve been looking for a portable kanban solution like this for a while but yours is by far the most perfect realisation of what I was searching for – plus it looks great!

    I know you’ve mentioned it’s not ideal for distributed workgroups, but I was wondering whether you thought there could be potential to tweak it to allow for sharing a board among a small team? eg. it could be great if I could automatically email someone when a task is assigned to them, or what about if there was the ability to publish “ready only” views of the boards, as html (or maybe as RSS) for the team to access each day?

    Just ideas, keep up the amazing work on this project.

    Maybe a small suggestion would be to host this project elsewhere (eg. github or Sourceforge) as I only stumbled on it after hours of searching and a piece of software this great needs to be shared and celebrated! (and donated to:-)

    1. In fact you can use PK in a small workgroup, if there are no frequent changes and only one user usually edits tasks. Others will see popup messages on every change, ‘Auto save’ option should be turned off in this case. I have some plans to improve workgroup mode in future. Thanks for donation.

      1. I like your software very much and appreciate your great work! I was wondering if an email information system (email when user is assigned to task) is planned to be implemented? This would make this software even more perfect then it already is.

    1. Hi Dimitry,
      thanks for the good copy feature. But now there is a problem on selecting task. When I click on single tasks in different columns, they all will be marked as selected. That´s not good. I think only one single task should be selected for next modification or copy actions.
      Much thanks and
      regards Stefan S.

        1. 1) Perhaps the cause of my problem is in using the old project file (xml) with the new Portable Kanban Version.
          Does Portable Kanban automatically convert older project Files into newer version project files when I´m updating PortableKanban Version ?
          2) But the second try with new unzipped PortableKanban (using your Demo data) shows the same efect. I can select multiple tasks by single click on different tasks in different columns.

            1. Thank you for the fast fixing.
              Now it works. I´m working on a XP machine.
              I have tested a little the copy feature and have recognized the following little bugs: The fields “Topic”, “Assigned To” and “Tags” are not copied from the original task. I think it´s a low priority fix for the next PK Version.

  146. Great app! Thanks for letting us use it.

    Since we have it in a work group we have complemented it with a script that pulls the latest xml from a git repository, starts PortableKanban and pushes the xml back to git when kanban is closed.


  147. Thanks for a nice app. I like it very much. One question: why the app saves its XML file every minute, event whan nothig has changed? Settin AutoSave=false has no effect (app still rewrites its XML every minute).

      1. You prepared and released a fix in less than 30 minutes! Wow!Unbelievable, unseen and mind blowing! (Much deserved) Donation already sent, with a great pleasure! Please keep up good work. Спасибо!

  148. Great tool Dmitry, thanks so much for making it available. I just completed some lean+kanban training and subsequently discovered your tool. It provides almost all of the functionality i need. I have the following requests/suggestions.

    1) a “started work” date/time for each card so that stats can be generated on cycle time of each task. An “auto start work” checkbox for columns similar to “autocomplete” checkbox

    2) a “time spent” counter for each card and that the timer cumulatively add time to whichever card currently has focus.

    3) an “archive if column full” or “archive cards older than X number” feature so that once my DONE or ABANDONED columns are full (on screen), the oldest card(s) moves off to an “archive” (which is not shown on the visible board), but are still available for reports/stats at a later stage, thus providing a historical worklog.

    4) ability to make a card as “blocked” and provide the “block reason”. An associated “blockers” section in the report.

    5) graphing of cycle time (“started work” time – “completed time”)

    6) graphing of lead time (“card created” time – “completed time”)

    7) graphing of cumulative flow for last fortnight with numbers taken from column totals.

    I would be happy to contribute towards the coding effort if you have need of contributors

    Regards Rep

      1. any chance of a “dont display” checkbox on column setup (ie create a column but dont display it on the wall)? This seems like an easy way to allow an “archive” columnof done tasks older than 30 days in combination with the “move tasks” plugin.

    1. Hi Dimitry,
      I have a suggestion for a little modification in PortableKanban.
      For my workflow it would be nice to have an “copy task” feature. I want to copy complete tasks and insert them as template for the next new task. So all fields would be already filled and must only be changed a little for the new similar task.
      Thanks, for your super program. Stefan S.

  149. Hi. Thank you for this amazing app.

    Is there any possibility of a linux native / compatible version? (maybe via wine?)


    1. Thanks for the new version – Alt+Enter works wonderfully, and I can now cease using AutoHotKey for this…

      Tags appear to be problematic – I can’t create new tag types in Setup.

      To reproduce –
      1. Create a brand new directory with the Portable Kanban executable, to create a new .xml file. Choose to fill the new board with demo data (problem is also reproduced with an empty board).
      2. Go to Setup
      3. Under Tags, click on the first empty line, after “Delegate”.
      4. Type “Test” and Enter.
      5. An error message appears – “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue…”. The error is “Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index.”.

      I can send the full exception details as well if needed.


        1. Wonderful. Tags now work correctly. Thanks!

          One last small UI issue, and Portable Kanban would be absolutely perfect –

          When searching (using Ctrl-F), and pressing Enter on the dialog (or clicking Next/Previous), the “cursor” moves to the found task, and the focus leaves the Find dialog and goes to the tasks window.

          This behavior is problematic because it makes it impossible to search for the next or previous tasks using the keyboard – there is no way to return focus back to the Find dialog (even Ctrl-F again doesn’t work).

          I believe a more useful behavior is for the cursor to move to the found task in the tasks window, but the focus should be left on the Find dialog – so the next press of Enter immediately jumps to the next found task, and Escape can be used to close the Find dialog.

          While at it, adding keyboard shortcuts for Next (Alt-N) and Preivous (Alt-P) would be nice as well.

          Thanks again!

  150. Hello Dmitry,

    I want to make it short:

    1. One improvement (or is it a bug?): If you configure a “View” that selects special “Topics” then the displayed WIP in the column header matches the number of visible cards. That’s not helpful. The WIP display in the column header should be independent from the “View”.

    2. Many commentators make feature-wishes for PorKa. Don’t accept too much! Keep it simple! Simplicity is the key.

    3. And here is my wish list ;-)
    – Configurable shortcuts (and one shortcut for “Settings”)
    – Option for: Selected card keeps its colour. A frame around the card indicates selection.
    – ….. some more wishes, but No. 2 is so important.

  151. Hi Dmitry,

    Thank you a lot for the great application!
    I just want to add a point about usability: I use a custom DPI (in Win7 go to Control Panel > Display > “Medium – 125%”) and in the timer the last seconds digit is not visible, even in full screen.

  152. Excellent work with Personal Kanban. Just what I was after.

    A few usability issues –

    1. When a tasks list is long, it is possible to scroll it only using the mouse-wheel, or keyboard. When using a laptop with no mouse-wheel and not wishing to use keyboard – this is a problem. Suggest on adding a scroll-bar.

    2. When editing a task, it is not possible to click the “OK” button easily with keyboard-only (no shortcut for this). Suggest adding a keyboard short-cut – Alt-Enter (like in Outlook). Currently I’m using AutoHotKey to emulate this behavior using a simple script.

    3. There are no keyboard shortcuts for the various fields when editing a task. For example, to jump to priority there is a need to press Tab 6 times. Suggest adding Alt-X shortcuts, like Alt-P for priority, etc.

    4. Would be useful to have a “comments” field, that is shown only when entering task edit, but not shown on the Kanban board.

    Thanks for a great product! Does one thing, and does it just right!

  153. Would be really great if the xml file could be located else where at a chosen filename/path, ( for example indicate a location and a file name in a dropbox folder, have different files for different totally unrelated projects). And it would be great if the software updated itself automatically whether the file has been modified ( by another instance of Potable Kanban.exe running on another computer but pointing to the same xml file ). Not great to execute the exe on different computer ( == virus infection).

  154. Hi, thanks for the new version – exports and imports will be useful.

    Is it possible to link more than one file/website with a task? I find
    it quite convenient to collect, within one card, links to different
    pieces of info…


  155. Hi!,

    I noticed that the “reload” button disappeared. On the first version I downloaded, there was an “auto refresh” option. So if two users have the program open, and one performs a change, the other user can see it. (this used to work). Could we have this feature back?

      1. We have been doing some tests. Two different users accessing the same file. We have autosave=false. If any of us changes something (insert a new task, anything) and saves, the other one doesn’t see anything. I can see that the data file has changed (since the last modification date changes in the file system). However, we get no pop-up and the board doesn’t refresh :(

        1. This may happen if data file is shared on Linux/Samba, non-Windows and/or removable shared storage. At the same time it works when files are placed in cloud-based storage, e.g. Skydrive or Dropbox, then every user has synchronized copies on local disk. Anyway, please keep in mind that the application is intended for personal usage.

          1. Thanks! For a while, I thought I was just exploiting a very convenient bug. haha.

            Could we then get a reload button? It would prove convenient in our case :)

            Cheers :)

  156. Have tried each of the reports in the new 1.9 version and I get the following message for each report

    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click quit, the application will close immediately. Could not find a part of the path C:\Users\PowerUser\AppData\Local\Temp\Report 49\2012.xls

    Any ideas on how to get all the erports to run

  157. Hi! First of all, congrats on a great app!

    I have noticed one thing in version 1.8:

    1. If I have many tasks, there is no scroll bar to see them all, so some of them are unreachable

    And I have a feature request:

    Could we have the possibility to add swimlines?


      1. Greetings Dimitry, I see, I have to be ON the column (mouseover) to scroll… Aha…

        And the views… Yes, I didn’t see a way to switch view because I had created only one… hehe… Really cool :)

        What about swimlines? Do you think that would be a possibility?

      2. Hi Dmitry, Hats off to your app. I have done extensive searching for an excellent Kanban app, & I must admit, your app stands apart from the rest. Thanks for the offline feature especially; it is really impressive that you take user feedback & improve the app.

        Feature request: I found one feature in another Kanban website, which I feel if added to your PK, will make it much more awesome. It is the feature of breaking down a task in to subtasks with check box against them. This a must-have feature for a kanban app. There must be a button which will expand & collapse this subtasks. Hence it can be expanded only when needed. There must be a check box against the subtask to indicate it is completed.

        It will be great if you integrate this feature in the next version of your app. I have shared a picture of this feature in the link below for your reference.


        One more feature request: You have an inbuilt Pomodoro timer. It will be great if it is possible to link the pomodoro timer to a specific task in progress. this wil enable to track the amount of time spent on a task.

        Thanks in advance

  158. Just tried out vs. 1.8 and I am very happy with the option of views, especially their flexibility.

    Quick question: I currently have two independent boards which I would like to combine since they correspond to two different views (Home and Work). Is there a simply way do merge the two, or to import one into the other? I do not feel like redoing all the cards and settings!

    Thanks for your help, and for this “great little” tool…..Stefan…………

    1. It’s possible, but will require manual editing of xml files using some XML editor, e.g. Programmer’s Notepad (http://www.pnotepad.org/) or just Notepad:
      1) Close PK, good idea to make backup copies of data files.
      2) Open both data files and copy everything between Persons, Topics, Columns and Views sections from one file to another. If columns are the same in both boards you can copy everything in Tasks section from/to every column.
      3) Start PK and tweak settings.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion to edit the xml file. Seems straightforward…

        Have tried to do this but everything turns out to be messed up (which, I am sure is my fault). Cards in some column claim that they are from a different column, if I move one card , another one actually jumps around, and I cannot even delete some cards or change the column they appear in.

        Spent more than two hours on the attempt to merge two boards but will need to begin from scratch, I am afraid… Bye Stefan

      1. You are correct. I moved it to my documents and have it working correctly now. This is an incredible tool. Great job. Thank you for sharing.

  159. Think I found a bug. I updated to version 1.8 and my tasks are no longer being marked as completed when they are moved to the Done column. I tried this with existing tasks (that were created in 1.7) and newly created tasks (created in version 1.8). In the settings, the Auto Complete check box for the Done column is selected. I am not using any custom views.

  160. Version 1.8 is out:

    1) More shortcuts and clicks (see built-in Info/Shortcuts);
    2) Fully configurable UI;
    3) New thing: views. You can group any combination of columns, topics and persons into as many views as needed and access them thru tabs. It’s not exactly like grouping, but not any worse :).
    I’m going to take a little break and keep this version stable for some time. Of course, if any bug will be found I’ll fix it a.s.a.p. I’m looking for good web resources where I could put some information about PK, any ideas?

    1. It’s great, many thanks…
      Just one little thing: there was a “visible” property for the columns that is missing now, wasn’t it?
      Keeping the finished tasks out of the sight is helpful, it increases the focus.

      1. I am guessing that is on purpose because now we can create our own views. Within the views screen, you can determine for each view which columns are visible. Accomplishing the same thing but now you can have more than one view of columns.

    2. Great job as usual! This product was good to start with and has become even greater over time. Thanks again for taking the time. I am not sure of a good web site, but I have recommended this product to many people.

    3. I believe I found a bug. When you create a view and switch to the view, the report option does not work, I switch to the new view and hit the report button, but all columns, topics, and persons are blank even though they are within the view.

      1. More info….I went into views and just created one view. It was under this scenarios where all report options disappeared. If I had two or more views, then it worked.

  161. How to collect statistics on how much time is spent on a particular task, i.e., associate timer with a particular task?

  162. This an excellent app. Would it be possible under setup to have a tab for priority to allow for what is selectable in the drop down list when setting up a task. Similair to the topic tab with selectable colours etc

  163. Great app Dmitry!

    And I have a few comments / Questions :)

    1) When sorting after Persons I always get an exception, my guess is that not all tasks have a Person assigned to it.

    2) Can you put in an easy filtering so I could filter out for example: All tasks assigned to “Tom” ?

    3) Do you have an xsd file for the xml file? I am making a small program to convert our task data (in Dynamics NAV) to your xml structure and a schema file would help a lot :)

  164. Thanks for working on this great kanban solution! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    After using it in my day-to-day workflow for a while, I’ve jotted down a few features/suggestions for you to consider implementing in a future release:

    1) Double click a column header to add a task in that column.
    2) Select a card and press Ctrl+C to copy the task’s text to the clipboard (useful for source control check in comments).
    3) Use middle-click to move a task to the next column.
    4) Add right-click support to cards with options for: Copy task text, Edit, Duplicate, Delete, etc.
    5) Sort tasks by pressing F5 without the Sort Tasks dialog box appearing (F4 can still be assigned to show the dialog box).
    6) Add an option to show an arrow or some other kind of indicator when there are more tasks “above/below the fold”.

    Thanks again!

    1. I’d also like to see the feature to create a duplicate of a task. Would be very convenient sometimes, especially when the card has many list items etc.
      Also I want to suggest adding a written ChangeLog to the distribution files.

  165. This is an awesome app! Have you considered the possibility of a linux compatible version.. or maybe to port it to java? Keep up the good work!

      1. Well, I’m working on that. Currently I have the following idea:
        1) “virtual boards” with set of selected topics;
        2) one “common” view with all the topics + as many as needed filtered views (virtual boards) that can be switched with toolbar button and/or shortcut (Excel-like Ctrl+Tab or something like that).
        So it still will be the only one board/file but with optional user defined subsets. And the old approach with using separate files will work too, of course. Unfortunately implementation will take some more time than usual, in 2-3 weeks I think .

            1. Congratulations !!! When this be done, will be complete to me. your Kanban solution is a great solution for small business, like my company. Thank you very much !!!

        1. Sorry, what I meant was I was fine with one single board for home and office…but certainyl ok if made flexible for other people who want multiple.

  166. Hi – thanks for the new version. I appreciate the added flexibility,
    very useful options.

    Did you notice that the screen shot of Vs. 1.7 at the top of the
    page begins to resemble the picture of the real Kanban board
    just above it? Not there yet completely… :-)

    By the way, I am not convinced that running two copies of the same
    program to have two boards is the cleanest and most convenient
    way… Having access to all of them from one place would be great.


    PS: I have now added two columns (to do next & in progress)
    to my board, getting into the Kanban spirit. I realized that my
    approach so far has been to carefully structure what is called
    “backlog” in Kanban.

    1. +1 for “all on one board” approach. Just adding ‘visible’ check in Options > Topics would do it. Saving view for later use would be a big bonus…
      Dmitry, this is great little program; thanks for developing it.

      1. Well, personally, I’d prefer other boards to be *one* click away only – like in a browser with tabs. No idea how hard to code this is…

  167. Version 1.7 is out! There are a lot of changes:

    1) First, back to the original idea: 1 exe file + 1 xml file. Config file is not needed anymore, you can delete it. Note that xml file should have exactly the same name as executable one and reside in the same folder.
    2) Configurable task cards: fonts, single/multiple lines, subtext with optional information.
    3) Configurable task tooltips: you decide what to show, nothing or all the task parameters.
    4) Configurable task sorting.
    5) Much more settings. Open Setup/Options to tweak app look the way you want.

    Concerning idea to have more than one board (e.g. office/home): I still think that the simplest solution is the best one, there are 2 possible ways:
    1) Create 2 folders, put the app into every folder. Each copy will use own data file.
    2) Put more than one exe file into the same folder but with different names. E.g. “home.exe”, “office.exe” – each of them will create data file with name like “office.xml”, “home.xml”.
    3) You can add board name to window caption, see Setup/Options/Miscellaneous/Board Name.
    In both cases you will have 2 totally independent boards which may have very different look; both can be used simultaneously.

    Thanks to everyone for suggestions! I still have some more features in the queue that will come in the next version: filtering, import/export from/to csv…

  168. Hi

    here’s a screenshot of my PK board (hope this works!):

    I’ve got permanent header cards (orange) which carry no tasks, urgent cards (light green) which need acting; normal cards (dark green) which have some todos; and taskfree cards (same colour as background). Each card is like a container for tasks – not a task itself; hence I do not need to associate a priority with them (especially the headers and the empty ones which are sticky).

    I’d appreciate to also link one card with more than one file or website – you
    probably can see why this is useful in my case!

    Thanks again for being responsive to suggestions.

    1. Wow. I think that it’s totally different concept than kanban in fact. Fortunately it’s possible to use the program this way, but some main kanban ideas are missing: cards travelling from ‘backlog’ to ‘done’ (flow) and WIPs (work in progress) limits.
      Consider changing structure e.g. the following way:
      1) Research, Teaching etc are topics in fact. Orange cards are subtopics. There are no subtopics in my app, but you can create something like Research/Students, Research/Proposals … Admin/VPN etc. You can use similar or close colors for subtopics.
      2) Green cards are real tasks, may be in progress or coming.
      3) Gray cards are tasks in backlog.
      4) Create columns like Year/Month/Week/Today/Doing/Done, 3-5 is really enough. ‘Archive’ may be hidden – some tasks may be ‘reused’.
      5) Set WIPs. Anyway there is a reasonable limit of tasks that can be done daily/weekly.
      Then you could see what you have to do and when, choose task that you’re going to deal with today/this week; or delay some task if you see that you’re too busy etc. I think it could be more convenient.

      1. Hi – thanks for taking the time to suggest changes to my work flow.
        The system I use has evolved over a number of years (without knowing anything about Kanban and a little about GTD). The slightly “static” approach with cards as “containers” which can be empty suits my information “flow” well.

        I am not sure whether a full-fledged Kanban approach would suit me but I will certainly have a look.

        What I know for sure is that I want to minimize the administrative load: have as few cards as possible and edit them easily. I think of my board more as a “repository” about information and tasks than as a tool to structure my work.

        The most important feature for me is to get a global view of the things I work on (that’s why I’d like to be able to put much info on the face of the card).

        I understand if you decided to no longer listen to my suggestions because they do not stem from Kanbanism but I’d be pleased if there was a little room for non-purist users of your program!

  169. Thanks Dmitry for this great software.
    It’s a short while since I’ve started using it, but seems like I’m going to enjoy it for a long time.

    May I suggest some items?

    The most important thing I wish I could have is the word wrapping option. I can’t see the whole text, even though my boxes are large enough to show two lines.

    Isn’t it possible to change the shortcuts? I couldn’t do that. I wanted to disable the right-click shortcut; I’m not comfortable with it. by the way, isn’t it useful to have a right-click menu for items?

    and here comes the coolest thing: having a grouping and filtering option for the topics! It would be great… so great. I have many topics, each with many stories. The current view (main view) is focused on works. The grouping/filtering feature provides another view, which focuses on topics instead. I believe that many people would need this kind of view. The grouping feature can make horizontal lanes, each for one of the topics. The stories of each topic will be distributed in different columns of their lane. The filtering feature will simply show one (or a number) of the topics.

    Thanks again
    – Nader

    1. As mentioned few times in comments, filtering by ‘context’ would be great; I believe many users would use it. If you are @office, you do not want to see items that can only be done while @home. The filtering could be as simple as on ‘Columns’ tab: visibility can be ticked on or off. So we need something similar on Topics, and possibly Persons tabs.

  170. Hi

    thanks for increasing the tool tip text length! Helps a lot.

    i have now replaced the two boards which I used to have with
    Pebgy (shutting down mid-August), and I am pleased with PK.

    Not surprisingly, I can think of further changes…

    For example, I do not have any use of the counter telling me
    the number of cards per column – I’d be pleased if I could
    switch it off entirely.

    Similarly, I rarely use any of the icons displayed in the top –
    in my view, they could go to the bottom, or possibly even

    The freedom to choose the background colour and that of
    the column headers would be also welcome (although they
    have been chosen quite nicely).

    Tabs (or similar) to switch between boards would be great;
    currently I use trick#1 as a working work-around.

    As I said before, my use of PK would suggest to have cards
    without any priority…

    Anyway – great fun to use it as it is!

    Thanks for sharing PK.

    PS: Would be happy to share a screenshot of
    my board if the creator was interested….

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Almost everything you requested will come in the next version; end of the next week, I think. Just curious: why do you need “no priority” cards? You could use default “Low” for all the tasks and/or turn off priority marks (Setup/Options/Show Task Priorities). Screenshot: would be nice, if it doesn’t contain anything confidential, of course :)

  171. Version 1.6 is out! Changes:

    1) Minor tweaks (better tooltips, resizeable dialogs, Ctrl+T/Ctrl+D for date/time insertion in “Edit Task”, activating columns by clicking its headers etc);
    2) “Reload” function is abandoned, but you’ll still see warning message if data file changed by some other program/user.
    3) Finally: configurable fonts and cards size. Note that these settings are machine-dependent, so you can use different fonts to adjust view on every computer.

    Thanks to everyone for requests!

    1. Hi

      thanks a lot for the new version.

      I appreciate the flexibility to resize the cards and the fonts VERY much.

      Now that you have won me over to really use PortableKanban, I cannot help
      but suggest more changes, in case you plan to further develop your program.

      1. Allow me to decide whether to show me – or not! – the date of creation of a card in the tool tip; just as with the deadline date;

      2. Allow me to have cards with NO priority at all.

      And a question: it seems that the number of symbols displayed in the tooltips
      is limited. Is this a Windows limitation? Would love to see more text in the tooltips!

      So much for today – thanks again.


      PS: I have found a way to introduce empty cards by giving them the colour of the background and writing on it in the same colour…

      1. Hi Dmitry

        A few comment on the enhancement.

        1. A bug report on the beta, I tried to make the card as big as i can but the text title still does’nt wrap on the card. I believe the purpose of sizing up the card was to accommodate more text and sizing down to accomodate more cards

        2. Some User interface ideas and to avoid duplication of info.

        Info on Cards
        As this is considered important , All info should be available at a glance.
        Just run portable kanban, look at the card, do the task. No need to
        move mouse to each card just to get the info.

        Suggested info:

        1. title
        2. priority
        3. Dateline
        4. Person assigned to

        Info off cards (in tool tip)
        This is secondary info mainly for verification/more details so have to
        move and rest mouse on the cards.

        Suggested info:

        1. detailed task
        2. Created date
        3. Link availability
        4 ……

        probably others can chip in on which should be on or off the cards thx


  172. Hi, I do like Kanban. Some little tweaks might help to make it even more popular.

    For example, the possibility to make cards smaller would be
    wonderful – currently, each card requires the space needed for three
    lines but I can write on only one line.

    To give the columns more structure, I like to use empty cards (well,
    I have to put a dot on them), and I would like to make these empties
    much smaller, and really empty!

    Choice of fonts and sizes would be great, too.

    Anyway, thanks a lot. Bye.

  173. Portable Kanban!!

    This program is a lifesaver. I am a big Todo list user and had never even heard of “Kanban”…..

    In my position I create and close up to 20 critical items a day and realized that I was spending too much time on prioritizing but had no idea such a program existed.

    And now on to….. a couple of requests.

    1) Focus the search field when CTRL-F/Search menu item is used. (so you can immediately start typing)

    2) Pre fill Column info when column header is clicked prior to the “+” icon. (e.g. Clicking Today 8/10 would change Column entry set to “Today” when clicking the “+” icon.

    3) Add something like CTRL-D for date and CTRL-T for time for adding notes to a task. (e.g. July 23, 2012 12:05 am)

    4) Add csv import and export (with a priority field). This way users of other Todo list programs can easily test drive this program.

    5) Put up a paypal link for donations. I get that it’s freeware but I would still love to buy you a beer!

    And I like your approach to keeping the program simple. No reason for bloatware here imho (he says after requesting program additions …. sigh)..


  174. Hi. I am getting a NullReferenceException when trying to save the settings.

    System.NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance of object.
    PortableKanban.PortalbleFileSettingsProvider.SetValue(SettingsPropertyValue propVal)

    BTW, You filled a BIG Need with a great application. Great Job.

  175. I would like to put in a vote for configurable font sizes. I have my screen at it’s highest resolution but the font size is huge, so I can’t see much of the text in each box. Thank you for putting this program together. it looks great.

  176. Thanks for the great apps !
    Here’s my suggestion to make this awesome simple apps to be compact. Of course it up to you to evaluate whether it necessary…

    A. Customisable font
    1. resizable font
    2. option for bold, normal, italic.

    The resizable font would help to squeeze more text when
    portable kanban is used on a smaller size. For instance on about half or quarter of screen for reference, while sorting file/doing stuff according to task listed in the kanban.No 2 just for highlighting specific names, etc

    B. Word wrap first line of text/title in task box up to 2 lines.add a third line for priority,Person,Deadline, whether theres a link or not.

    Task box size and space between text & box may need to change to achieve this.


    Update Budget 2013 with
    latest figures from Mark
    1 | ME | 31/7/12 | ↓

    This will provide all the information needed without
    having to click on the task.The tool tips is still useful
    for viewing the task details

    C. Provide an option in setting whether to give warning or not before deleting/right clicking on item under done.As right clicking on other column move the task and doesnt delete it.

    D. Create more option for sorting and activating it by toggle.
    1 – By deadline. 2 – By Alpabetical order, 3 by Priority.

    Phew.. thats about it. Thanks

  177. Kanban is a great little program and making it portable as well is fantastic. I wish more software developers would do this sort of thing, so well done.

    One thing I feel Kanban could do with is an option to hide the Topics which I am not working on. For example when at work I would not be interested in any Home or Hobby topics.

    How about a drop down options box which would permit the user to select the topics they are wanting to see?

    1. Have to agree about this program, it is a nice little gem. I have been using it for about three weeks at work and it has helped me organize my often hectic and complictated work load. Can’t wait to see what other additional features are added, as long as it does not over complicate this great simplistic program.

  178. Version 1.5 changes:

    1) Application renamed to “Portable Kanban”;
    2) Now it works only in portable mode, all the settings stored in ‘PortableKanban.config’ file;
    3) Toggle timer/date without changing option in Setup/Options.

    Note: after upgrade reselect the existing data file. Some settings in Setup/Options may revert to default values. Don’t worry, your data won’t be lost.

  179. Version 1.3 changes:

    1) Minor tweaks;
    2) Task tooltips (Setup/Options/Show Task Tooltips);
    3) Task priorities (Setup/Options/Show Task Priorities)
    4) Default topic & person for new tasks.

    1. Wow….great job, love the new additions. The tool tips really help too, especially for longer text that gets cut off. Thanks again for including some of the recommendations! Great stuff!

    2. Again, really enjoying using the tool you put together. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to use, but extremely functional. Possibly one other consideration. On a task card, currently there is only a field to input the task information, which then shows on the card. Is it possible to create a second text field called “task description” or something like that where you can input more notes about the task, without that information showing up on the card? For example, if I needed to call Joe about something, I might input a task card like the following:

      Task: Call Joe

      Task Description: When I speak with Joe I have to ask him about thing a, thing b, and thing c.

      The only field that would print on the card is the task, but I could then open the card to see the other details so I don’t forget things I wanted to ask Joe.


      1. I’m just trying to keep app simple. Possible workaround, try to type:

        Call Joe ENTER
        When I speak with Joe I have to ask him about thing a, thing b, and thing c.

        Any text after 1st new line break won’t appear in a card. Text box accepts ENTER.

      2. Thanks and I completely understand. Your right, need to keep it simple or it becomes too much work to keep updated:) Request withdrawn. Again, great job and thanks for all your work!

    3. Also, by the way, using this on a different computer with a higher resolution worked just fine for me. Therefore, although selecting font sizes would be a neat addition, not sure that it is required. Same thing with printing. Although would be a nice feature, I think you said it best in another comment where this app should remain simple versus complicated. Today I used the program all day for my job and I have to say it was amazing to keep things organized and see my progress in some structured way. Good stuff!

  180. Great tool, was looking for something simple and effective like this. Just curious if any plans to put in any priority type tags into the tasks. I know the order of the tasks on the board note the priority order, but thinking having some kind of tag to identify things like whether the item is important not urgent, important and urgent, neither important nor urgent, and not important but urgent (or even the overly simplistic high, medium, low). Or better yet, let the user create their own priority types like you do for all the other categories in the setup screen. Then possibly display on the card either by using some kind of color scheme (let the user choose) or text notation (let the user choose) the priority so that as you move the cards around, you can take that into consideration.

    Again, great tool and look forward to future enhancements!

    1. Also, one other minor thing. When there are no cards in a column, it does not currently display the WIP value. Once you have a card, then it displays it something like 1/3. Any chance by default when no cards exist in a column that you could display 0/3 or something like that so you always know what the WIP is, regardless if any cards exist. Thanks!

    2. Sorry for all the comments, but just really excited about your tool. One other possible request for the future. During the setup of “topic” and “assigned to” any chance to provide the capability to indicate one of them being a default value? For example, since I only play to use for work and myself, it would be great if it always defaulted to work and myself instead of my having to select it.

      1. No problem and even if these features don’t make it in, still a very good tool. It was exactly the type of tool I was looking for that I could not find anywhere. You did an excellent job and in my opinion it is currently the best tool out there for this type of tracking!

        While I am wishing, just a few more potential items for future consideration:)

        – Configurable font sizes. Although it does a very nice job resizing based on the screen resolution, might be nice to allow the user to change it on their own, especially if you have a lower resolution but want a smaller font so that more text can display.

        – Print feature. Although I know the whole point is to have an electronic board and not use paper, still might be handy if I know I will be away from my computer for a day to print out the board. It doesn’t have to graphically look the same, it could be just a simple list that is broken down by queue with the task attributes printed.

        – When you have so many task cards and you can scroll, might be nice to have some kind of indicator (i.e. scrollbar) so that you can tell. You sort of can tell by looking at the total count of items but might be good to be something concrete in.

        – Not sure how the sort button is supposed to work and what it sorts by. When I hit it, it does change the sort order, but it is not in alphabetical order by the task name. So maybe it is sorting by something else. When I hit the button a second time, it does not appear to do anything such as reverse order.

        – On my earlier comment about priorties and allowing the user to set a color scheme, after thinking about it don’t think color scheme would work since color schemes are used for topics as well and would conflict. So not sure how that could work then besides possibly allowing the user to identify some sort of text that might display in one of the corners of the card such as “H” for high. Would have to be in a corner not to take up valuable task name space in the middle of the card. Also, would be great if the “person” name showed up in a corner versus with the task text to allow more space just for the task description.

        – I believe two minor types on the help/info screen. Under the focus section, says “Mofe” versus what I believe should be “Move”.

        – Under setup options, might be nice to include an option to allow the user to always open the program in “full screen” view.

      2. Configurable font, print – considering… Scrollbars – actually I removed them – UI looks much cleaner without them, but maybe I’ll find some other solution.
        Sort order: for unfinished tasks it’s always by deadline (if any), then by creation date. For completed ones: by completed date (descending).
        Priorities: coming…
        Person names: try to use initials instead of names.
        Typos: fixed.
        Full screen: if you close app in full screen mode it will be restored to full screen next time. But may not work when version has been changed.

      3. Sounds good. Couple of notes.

        – Glad to hear configurable fonts is under considerations. Printing is good, but would choose the configurable fonts over it:)

        – Glad to hear priorities are coming.

        – As for person names, I do use initials which is fine. I don’t think this would be an issue if the font was configurable so that I could squeeze more text on a line if I wanted. This one is not a huge deal since I don’t see myself using the assigned person feature that much since I plan to use for my own tasks.

        – Thanks for the tip on the full screen, wasn’t aware of that.

        – No worries about the scrollbars, I agree it might look better without them. Just at first I wasn’t aware it was scrollable, but once figured out no issue.

        – Thanks for the clarification on sorting.

  181. Version 1.2 changes:

    1) Search;
    2) Timer shortcuts.

    Trick #1: how to use more than one kanban board at the same time:
    1) Check off “Use Portable Settings” in Setup.
    2) Create 2 folders and copy app, data and portable.config files to every folder.
    3) Change data path inside every portable.config file (it’s just plain xml)
    4) Create shortcuts to every app file etc.

  182. I was searching for a tool to manage my blogging platform and this looks good. Downloaded it and it works great. I like the timer.

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