Project Management using PMBOK®

I’m busy learning PMBOK. I’ve done the schema of project management processes based on PMBOK Guide and would like to share it. It can be useful for remembering all the processes, groups and knowledge areas.

Download it as PDF (A0 size):  English Version or Russian Version

Print it, hang it on the wall in your office and meditate…

UPDATE: Source files (MS Visio), feel free to change.

UPDATE #2: There is also new version (PMBOK 5).

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11 responses to “Project Management using PMBOK®”

  1. Debashis says :

    This is simply WOW!! God bless you!!

  2. Bruno Silva says :

    Thanks Dmitry! You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  3. Juan says :

    Thank you for Sharing! Great job!

  4. Rachel says :

    This is IMMENSELY helpful, thank you thank you thank you!!! BTW, on the Process Groups vs. Knowledge Areas grid in the upper left corner, I noticed that 11.6 Control Risks is missing from the Risk KA/MonitorControl Process Group. :-)

  5. ALLAN M. GARCIA says :

    This is very useful tool.. Thanks very much!

  6. Nate says :

    Thanks Dmitry, This is a fantastic resource.

  7. andrewzaitsev says :

    Великолепно! Колоссальная работа!

  8. PM Hut says :

    Hi Dmitry,

    The image for the PMBOK you have on this post is unreadable. Maybe you can upload another version?

    In any case, you might be interested in reading the project management process on PM Hut in case you’re new to project management.

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