PMBOK 5 Schema


Updated version of “Project Management Processes”  schema to match with the latest version PMBOK Guide. Download pdf or source (Visio).

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13 responses to “PMBOK 5 Schema”

  1. Eric says :

    Thank you! Very helpful.

  2. Jaime Robertson says :

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is a great tool!!

  3. Stéphane Brodu says :

    Hi Dimitry,
    I’m going to translate it in french with official PMI terms.
    I will probably share it on a blog and redirect people to your blog.
    Is it OK with you ?

  4. Giovanni says :

    Thanks Dmitry. This is awesome

  5. peeterpattinson says :

    Oh just wonderfull

  6. J says :

    Oh man. This is awesome. Thanks you very much!

  7. Tina A says :

    Brilliant! Thanks.

  8. Chris says :

    Great, so many thanks for the nice work of V4 & V5.

  9. Jean-Francois Burguet says :

    Really good, thanks a lot !

  10. Sujoy Dutta says :

    Great Job !

  11. Oleg Vostrikov says :

    Hello, Dmitry!

    Thank you very much for this Map!
    It’s very easy to understand!

    Do you plan to connect the blocks using the connection lines?
    (as you did with the Map of PMBOK-4 – here


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