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Livecasting On The Go – II

I’m too lazy to update this post, so I’d just like to point attention to some new products shown at NAB. There are some interesting updated models and newcomers with small size devices:

Livestream Broadcaster is coming:

Built-in 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI input, H.264/AAC encoding up to 720p 2.3Mbps – not bad. A good example how CDN can extend their services and allow users to make live webcasts with simple to use devices. Read More…

Livecasting On The Go

A bit more impressions from IBC, Amsterdam.  Another hot topic: equipment for mobile broadcasting using wireless networks. It’s some portable device which can be attached to a camera and send audio/video streams to dedicated server installed in broadcasting facility, to CDN etc. The choice is much wider this year; there are a lot of new products. This short review maybe does not include all the solutions shown on IBC, only those of them that I paid attention due some reason and was able to have a closer look.

Brick size solutions:


Read More…


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